What is a Minky Blanket?

What is a Minky Blanket?

What is a Minky Blanket?

A minky blanket is an incredibly soft, luxurious blanket that provides a lot of warmth, yet lacks the bulk of certain types of blankets made from wool. They're the type of blanket you can put anywhere in your house as a throw—on beds, over the backs of couches and chairs, etc. And, they’re as usable as they are stylish. Minky blankets truly combine the worlds of comfort and chic.

Did you have a favorite blanket when you were a child? When you were little, maybe your parents gave it to you or perhaps it was a gift from a friend who came to one of your earliest birthday parties. Whatever the case, you always had to have it. You always needed it for naps and bedtime, and you would often walk around the house with it. During playtime, it was never too far away. 

It’s unlikely that you still have that childhood favorite with you, but the need for a warm, comforting blanket isn’t something that goes away when we grow up. Blankets can add both comfort and style to a house’s decor, and who doesn’t love having a good blanket to snuggle under during the colder winter months? (Or in an overly air-conditioned space, for that matter!) 

If you’re in the market for a new blanket for yourself, your spouse, or a child, a minky blanket is a great option.

Where Can You Use a Minky Blanket?

The answer to this question is easy—you can use a minky blanket anywhere! Our customers have used them:

The truth is, even though minky blankets are beautiful and luxurious, they’re also tough and ready to be used for any occasion for years to come. You’ll always find yourself reaching for one time and time again.

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What Is a Minky Blanket Made From?

Minky blankets are made from fabric that is plush, 100% hypoallergenic polyester. This means the fabric won’t trigger an allergic or sensitivity reaction, even for babies. Minky fabric is soft, warm, and sometimes resembles faux fur. It’s considered a luxury fabric, which is why it has a higher price point than other blankets made of lower-quality materials.

Why Are Minky Blankets So Soft?

Minky blankets are known for being soft, and even when they’re not you can get them soft again. Minky blankets are soft because the fabric is made to feel like mink fur, only faux. Minky microfibers are made from 100% plush polyester and knit together in a so-soft texture that anyone—from babies to grownups—loves to cuddle. The hypoallergenic fabric is so luxurious that it’s considered a high-end product. 

Is Minky Fabric Hot?

How hot a minky blanket is depends on the style you buy. Some patterns have longer fibers that emulate fur, which is very warm. For example, our Shaggy Buttercup or Lapin Ginger are both warmer styles. Other patterns feature shorter fibers which are best for lightweight warmth, like our Giraffe Natural.  

What Type of Minky Blankets Can You Buy?

Minky blankets are carefully designed with lots of different patterns so you can pick the perfect one. 

Choose your size:

Then choose from hundreds of available minky prints and textures, including:

You can even buy the softest hooded towel ever, the Swankie Blankie, made from the highest quality baby material for blankets—minky!

Because our blankets are made with such high quality, they won’t ever lose their texture, color, or ability to keep you warm. Your minky blanket will still be as soft and warm as it was when you first bought it.

How Should I Clean a Minky Blanket? 

Keep your minky clean by washing it according to our simple instructions. It’s easy! Minky blankets are durable and can be washed in washing machines, but we don’t recommend using detergent pods. Simply wash with cold water (not hot) and regular detergent. Don’t use fabric softener, and air dry after washing. That’s it!

As long as you care for it properly, you’ll find that years will go by, and it will be just as soft and comforting as ever.

Where Are Minky Blankets Made?

Sew Sweet Minky Designs is based in Utah, and our blankets are designed in-house. Our minky blankets are made by a team of several hundred local seamstresses who pick up the fabric and sew it into amazing blankets. Many of these women are stay-at-home moms who are able to make extra money for their families and by women in minority communities who are enabled to help support their families through sewing these handmade blankets.

Is the Cost of a Minky Blanket Worth It?

Yes! Investing in a minky blanket from Sew Sweet Designs is worth it because they:

  • Stay softer longer
  • Are lightweight but still warm and comfortable
  • Are low-maintenance
  • Feature multiple styles, colors, and sizes
  • Are handmade with care

Part of what makes minky blankets so unique is the extra soft material used to make them. Usually, 100% polyester is the perfect baby material for blankets, clothing, and accessories. You know they are extra soft if you’ve ever held a baby blanket. Imagine having an adult-sized blanket that’s just as soft, all for yourself! 

Shop Minky Blankets

Minky blankets are unlike most blankets. Take a look at our fabric designs and options to discover the perfect blanket for your couch or bed. Minky blankets also make great high-end gifts for family and friends. Don’t wait to start enjoying the softest, warmest blanket you’ll ever have the pleasure of snuggling up with! 

Check out our minky blankets today or contact Sew Sweet Minky Designs with any other questions!

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