How to Make a Blanket Fort

How to Make a Blanket Fort

How to Make a Blanket Fort 

Building a blanket fort isn’t just for kids anymore; it can be good fun for the whole family. Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy afternoon or you want to have a bonding activity that will get everyone off of their screens, our guide will help you make the best blanket fort ever. 

Materials You’ll Need 

Before you start to make your blanket fort, it’s a good idea to gather up the materials you need. In addition to the blankets, make sure to get some good supports that won’t collapse. There are limitless configurations, so take some time to dream up what you want your fort to be like first. 

You’ll need:

  • Pillows
  • Blankets (kids blankets, comforters, sheets, etc.)
  • Supports to keep the fort up (chairs, rope, furniture, etc.)

Other good things to have:

  • Couch cushions 
  • Broomstick (for keeping the “roof” of your fort up)
  • Rubber bands
  • Clothespins 
  • Towels
  • Heavy books (to secure fabric on flat surfaces) 

For an extra special touch, add:

  • Christmas lights
  • Sleeping bags 
  • Air mattresses
  • Stuffed animals

Different Ways to Build a Blanket Fort (with Steps) 

Now that you’ve got all of your materials together, it’s time to think about the design. Do you want a teepee-style fort? Do you prefer things to be soft and cozy or airy and well lit? There are quite a few different ways to build a blanket fort. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning! 

Tent-Style Fort

  • Get a lightweight blanket or sheet and drape it over a broomstick. 
  • Tie a rope around the top of the broomstick (covered by the sheet) to secure it, and then tie the ends of the rope to secure objects like a chair or a door handle. (You may need to use multiple ropes to get the broomstick to stay up.)
  • Prop up the ends of the sheet with clips or with other furniture to create more space underneath. 
  • Spread blankets and pillows beneath the sheet and get cozy.

Furniture Fort

  • Find two well-anchored pieces of furniture (such as couches, bookshelves, chairs) and spread a blanket between them. 
  • Secure the blanket in place with clips, rope, or heavy books. 
  • Spread blankets and pillows underneath to create a comfortable space.

Under-the-Table Fort

  • Simply spread a large blanket or sheet over a table, ensuring the ends reach almost to the floor around each side. (This may require a few different blankets.)
  • Add your blankets and pillows under the table for comfort, and maybe some twinkly lights or flashlights for ambiance. 

Locations for Your Blanket Fort

Choosing the right location for your fort can really add to the fun. If your blanket fort is obstructing important walkways, it probably won’t last long. On the other hand, a central location might make other members of your family take notice and want to join in. 

Here are some ideas as to where you can set up your fort:

  • Under the kitchen table (just make sure the floor is clean) 
  • In the office (drape your sheets between bookshelves and get reading!) 
  • In the living room (easy access to couch cushions makes this a no-brainer)
  • In your child’s bedroom (you might be able to keep it up a little longer without causing too much of a disturbance here) 

What to Do In Your Blanket Fort 

Now that you’ve got the best blanket fort ever created in your house, what should you do with it? The sky’s the limit, but here are some of our favorites: 

  • Snuggle
  • Draw pictures 
  • Read books
  • Watch movies
  • Eat snacks
  • Take a nap
  • Have a sleepover
  • Spend quality time with family and friends
  • Play make-believe or dress up
  • Play board games
  • Play cards

Take Your Blanket Fort to the Next Level 

Blanket forts really are the best. What’s not to love? They’re comfortable, they make you feel snuggly, and they can transport you to another world—especially when you’re stuck inside. 

The best forts are made of the best materials, and that includes soft, fluffy blankets. To make your blanket fort even better, try Sew Sweet’s minky blankets. Their silky and luxurious texture will make you never want to leave.  

Check out Sew Sweet’s website to learn more about minky blankets today!

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