Sew Sweet Minky Design Blanket Reviews

Minky blankets are quickly becoming the favorite blankie of many, many people. Maybe you haven’t been fortunate enough to delight in the incredible softness and warmth of a minky blanket. If you think you might want one of your own, these Sew Sweet Minky Design reviews will leave no doubt that minky blankets are worth every penny. Just ask Janeen Hemphill:

“I absolutely love minky blankets. I am addicted to them [as well as] some of the other minky products. Worth every penny and then some.”

Minky Blanket Reviews

There are so many reasons to love and support Sew Sweet Minky Designs. Delight in the supple softness of the blankets themselves and the variety of blankets and other available products. You’ll also appreciate the business sense and community support of owner Nicole and her staff. These reviews perfectly illustrate why Sew Sweet Minky Designs is the way to go.


Business Acumen

I’m a fan because Nicole is an incredible business woman. She loves her family and her minky family. She has created a phenomenal business that sells the most luxurious handmade minky blankets. I’ll be a customer for life! – Jodi King

I nominate Nicole Fagar Miller for her outstanding business and their hard work/dedication in making such beautiful blankets for all ages including adults. They sell such good quality blankets that all their customers are happy and always buying their merchandise. They have such [a] wonderful team working together and have such caring hearts. Even tho[ugh] they have busy lives outside her business. As of today and going forward I still buy her merchandise. I’ll always be a fan of this well-run business. – Rina

I am a huge fan and buyer of these blankets. They are wonderfully made! The staff couldn’t be more helpful! – Kristian

I have been a huge fan of Sew Sweet since the past 4 months or more. I have bought numerous blankets and other products and I just love the products. The company and their employees are very sweet and professional. The owner Nicole will go out of her way to help you with anything you need. The quality of their blankets are unbelievable as well as other products. The girls doing the live shows are the very best, they are so great at their job. I highly recommend this company if you have never tried a minky blanket before, hurry and buy one, you won’t regret it. Keep up the good work Sew Sweet you are the best!! – Claudette Klutz

Customer service is so great. These ladies are so patient with their clients and explain in detail the quality of [Minky fabric]. Just love this. – Lydia Lambion

Nicole is Awesome! Her and her staff are the best!! – Crystal


Best in Show

I bought 9 blankets so far!!! I love love love them all!!! I love watching Nicole’s shows, she answers all questions and is such a fair and hard worker!!! Very well made blankets and well worth the price! – Carla

Sew Sweet has the best product of all minky. The staff are fantastic and Nicole and Casey are the greatest and kindest owners. Love them all!!! – Linda A Hawkins

Love these beautiful blankets, pillow cases and all baby items!!!! My favorite show is Katie on Facebook, she makes it fun and very interesting. I now own 3 Minky blankets, bought one for my grandson, mother and fiancé. I am always watching and looking. – Brandy Austin

I have been buying Minky blankets from Sew Sweet Minky Designs for 3 years and I’m a very happy customer!!! Outstanding quality!! Love the shows where you can look at all the different fabric and styles. I watched this company grow from a hundred watchers to over a thousand watchers on the live sale on Facebook. I have purchased so many beautiful blankets to enjoy and hand down to my Grandchildren. Thank you Nicole for your generous donation to the needy. What an incredible company! – Darla Thompson

Excellent customer service and love Nicole and all her ladies who are a joy to watch. I have 2 blankets and absolutely love them. – Annaberrie

I [am] such a fan of the gorgeous blankets and baby boutique items!! The platform for selling is so exciting and personal as you get to know the Sew Sweet Gals and extended family! Be care[ful] tho[ugh] these artistic one-of-a-kind blankets are addicting! – Kristin

I stayed with my mom overnight at the hospital during a procedure, borrowed a “blanket” from my brother. I slept so good in a CHAIR. It was the blanket. It was a minky. I’ve been hooked ever since. Saving for my own minky! – Rhonda Newman

I love Sew Sweet Minky! Nicole and her staff are the best!! Sew Sweet Minky!! OG here – Crystal Hooper

I love the Quality of Minky Blankets and I love watching Live shows. The sales ladies are all so good. I always enjoy watching and love [the] quality of Minky Blankets. – Jenny


This Says It All

I love Nicole’s blankets. The best made and softest blanket I’ve ever touched in my life. Slowly but surely every blanket I own will be a Minky. People who [are] complaining about the price are crazy. These are handmade blankets people buy. Minky is not an easy fabric to sew and they use the highest quality available… 

Nicole started this business and made all the blankets on her own until they got so popular she was unable to keep up with demand. She has 80 to 85 employees all from Utah so she contributes a lot to her community. These ladies get to work out of their own homes so it’s a great job for stay at home mothers. The prices include taxes and free shipping in the USA so I think you’re getting a heck of a deal. – Sarah Craig Barker


Don’t Delay, Go Minky Today!

You’ve read these Sew Sweet Minky Designs reviews. Now are you ready to enter the world of the luxurious softness, incredible warmth, and artistic beauty of Sew Sweet Minky Designs? 

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