How Many Baby Blankets Do I Need—And What Types Are There?

How Many Baby Blankets Do I Need—And What Types Are There?

When it comes to baby blankets, keeping your little one warm isn’t the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration. In fact, there are many different types of baby blankets for different situations, temperatures, and personal preferences. With that in mind, how many baby blankets do you need and which types are best for you and your baby?

How Many Baby Blankets Do I Need for My Baby?

When it comes to baby blankets, you will most likely want 2-4 of each type. This way, when one gets spit-up on it (or contaminated with other baby messes) or is being washed, you will have another one handy. Use the guide below to help you figure out how many of each type of blanket will be best for you.

Types of Baby Blankets

Knowing the difference between a receiving blanket vs a swaddle blanket is just the beginning. Learn more about what each blanket is used for so you are prepared when the time comes for bundling your baby.

  • Receiving Blanket - A receiving blanket is usually a square yard and made from soft material that soaks up fluids and is easy to clean. It is not too thick and can be used in a variety of ways, including putting it under the baby when changing a diaper, over the baby when nursing, or wrapping it around the baby when it sleeps.
  • Swaddling Blanket - Although receiving blankets can be used for swaddling while the baby is small, you may prefer a blanket specifically designed for this purpose. Swaddling blankets have snaps or velcro to easily fasten the blanket in place and keep the baby snugly wrapped.
  • Security Blanket - A security blanket is less for wrapping and more for cuddling. It usually has a stuffed animal attached to it and is used for comforting an upset baby.
  • Sleep Sack - This type of blanket is somewhat similar to a sleeping bag, but meant for tiny bodies. A sleep sack is beneficial for babies who move around a lot in their sleep. Its design helps prevent your little one from getting tangled up in their bedding or covering their face.
  • Brain-Stimulating Blankets - Blankets designed for stimulation can be made from any type of material. They have bright colors, animals, shapes, or different textures to aid the brain in learning and development.

    Blanket Materials

    Blankets can also be made from different types of material. Depending on the weather and the season, you may want a variety of materials as well as blanket types.

  • Fleece - Fleece is great for baby blankets because it provides plenty of warmth, but is also breathable, so the baby doesn’t overheat.
  • Cotton - Cotton is soft and hypoallergenic, so it’s great for babies with sensitive skin. It also absorbs fluids well and is durable, as well as easy to clean.
  • Muslin - Muslin is a thin material that is perfect for hot climates and summer swaddling.
  • Thermal - Thermal blankets are breathable and warm, making them a versatile and cozy option.
  • Crochet - Crocheted blankets are soft and beautiful. They are often handmade and can be customized to match your nursery or personal tastes.
  • Minky - Minky blankets are known for their super soft and snuggly feel. They are great for mom and baby cuddles, security blankets, swaddling, and more.
  • How Big Should a Baby Blanket Be?

    After choosing the best baby blanket type and material, you’ll need to determine the best size. So, how big should a baby blanket be?

    The size of the blanket will depend on its intended purpose. Security blankets can be quite small, often around 10 square inches. Receiving blankets can be as large as 40 square inches. Most baby blankets are somewhere in between. If you plan to use the blanket to cover yourself and your baby while nursing, you will probably want to use a larger blanket. If you are using it for swaddling, it will depend on the size of your baby.

    As the baby grows, so does the blanket. Older babies and toddlers will use blankets that are closer to the size of their beds. Smaller blankets are 40 x 55 inches and larger blankets are 65 x 85 inches (twin size).

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