What Size Blanket Do I Need?

What Size Blanket Do I Need?

There’s nothing more blissful than jumping into bed after a long day. And the thing that makes or breaks your relaxation experience is your blanket. Because let’s be real, there’s nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than having a blanket that’s too small for your king-size bed or a blanket that’s too big for your twin-size bed. It’s important to treat yourself to a good night’s rest with the right blanket.

When it comes to finding the right blanket, you’re probably wondering what size blanket you need. As a blanket business rooted in authenticity and family values, Sew Sweet has got you covered with all the blanket details you need to find the right size for your bed. 

Choosing the Right Blanket Size for Your Bed

Finding the perfect blanket for your bed involves getting one that’s large enough to cover your mattress. That way, you can tuck it in around the sides and bottom if you wish; not to mention, you can fully swaddle your body in all of its soft glory!

What size is a queen blanket? Start the process by looking at your mattress size. This question will steer you toward finding the right blanket. Blanket sizes may vary slightly across manufacturers, but the U.S. standard sizes are as follows: 

  • Crib: 45 by 60 inches
  • Twin bed: 65 by 90 inches
  • Full/Queen bed: 90 by 90-100 inches
  • King bed: 90 by 108-110 inches

  • Your decision on size may also depend on the depth of your mattress. For example, if you have a pretty thick mattress, you might want to consider going up a blanket size, so you can accommodate enough room to cover your entire mattress. And if you have a pretty thin mattress, you can go down a size, so your blanket isn’t lying on your floor. 

    Say you’re someone who isn’t based in the U.S., or is looking to gift a blanket for a loved one overseas. You’ll need to look into the bed sizes of the particular country and compare it with the U.S. sizes we listed above to find the right fit. Though the blanket might be slightly smaller or bigger for the bed, it won’t really matter, because you and your loved ones will be receiving a comforting gift! The blanket can always be used as a throw for a sofa or other areas of the home.

    Selecting Sew Sweet’s Minky Blankets

    What are your options when it comes to choosing Sew Sweet’s minky blankets? Sew Sweet offers a variety of sizes for the softest, most comfortable blankets you’ll ever snuggle up in, making it easy to find one that’s right for your bed and preferences. So let’s dive into the minky options you have with each bed size. 


    Though they’re a bit smaller than the average crib blanket size, Sew Sweet’s infant blankets are large enough (approximately 30 by 36 inches) to swaddle your baby’s body. If you’re looking for something to be able to tuck into your infant’s mattress with, we also have child minky blankets (approximately 36 by 60 inches) and adult minky blankets (approximately 55 by 65 inches) that are great options. 

    Twin Bed

    What size is a twin blanket at Sew Sweet? Take a look at our extreme blankets collection. Ranging from 75 by 90 inches to 82 by 114 inches in size, you can tuck them on the sides of the mattress and comfortably cover the bodies occupying the bed. But if you’re looking for more of a throw blanket, the adult minky blankets will work well!

    Full/Queen Bed

    For those with a full or queen-size bed, Sew Sweet’s extreme blankets would be your best bet as well. For example, this Luna Alloy, Chinchilla Ice, Brooklyn Snow minky blanket is approximately 82 by 114 inches in size, which can cover most of your queen bed. 

    Our extra long adult blankets (ranging from approximately 55 by 80 inches to 60 by 82 inches) would be a good fit for people looking for a simple throw blanket. 

    King Bed

    If you’re that lucky person who basks in a king-size bed, our extreme blankets will still deliver. Be sure to look into our bigger extreme blankets that are 82 by 114 inches. If not, our 75 by 90-inch extreme blankets, like this Frost Blossom / Solid Coral blanket, and our extra-long adult blankets make great throws!

    Learn about Minky Blankets

    Sew Sweet Minky Designs provides diverse blanket options to help you find the perfect size for your needs. Vegan and made from 100 percent polyester, our high-quality minky blankets will shower your loved ones with the durability, softness, and comfort they need to stay well-rested. Be sure to learn more about our minky fabric today

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