Winter Decor Ideas After the Holidays

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While winter is storming outside, covering your car in a thin layer of frost, it’s a good idea to counteract that cold by adding a pinch of cheer to your home. Decorating for the holidays can be easy throughout December, but what happens to your winter decorations when the holidays are over? Here are some winter decor ideas that can last you until spring. 

Natural Touches

The cold might keep you inside, but bringing in a bit of the outside can help liven up a room. By adding touches of pine cones, logs, and sprigs of pine or cedar, you can help breathe fresh air into a new room. If the wood is freshly cut or picked, it can bring in the rich and empowering fragrance of a winter forest. If the wood isn’t enough to help your room smell better, consider using a few drops of pine essential oil. One or two drops can go a long way to making your home smell alive and fresh in the winter months. 

Bold Patterns

The bleak, cloudy days of winter can be drab, gray, and muted with color. Flowers are not blooming, the grass in your yard is dead, and if you’re lucky enough to get snow, after a few days it turns into a dirty, icy mess. 

Give yourself a break from the dull, gray weather, and spice up your winter decor with bright, impactful, stunning patterns. You can display colorful pieces of art, a vibrant rug, or even dinner plates that have unique, eye-catching patterns. Sometimes, simple pieces of color from a cookie jar to a picture frame can add life and movement to a room and make it welcoming, despite the cold. 

During the winter, you can get away with using color schemes that would sometimes feel too strong or powerful during the warmer months, so lean in and enjoy the opportunity to try something new. 

Snowflake Chandelier

You can turn a chandelier into a piece of winter decoration by adding a few snowflake ornaments to it. Small snowflake ornaments can add a new texture and sparkle to a familiar light and can also create a great statement piece for guests. If it is a small chandelier over your dining room table or even in your entryway, consider using more simplistic snowflake designs to not overwhelm the light.

Snowflake ornaments are a great way to add the feel of winter outside without having to let the cold in. The best part is that after the holidays are over, most stores sell ornaments at a discount, so your new winter decor doesn’t have to be expensive to look amazing. 

If you want a more rustic feel to your chandelier, instead of adding premade snowflake ornaments, consider crocheting them yourself. This easy-to-follow snowflake pattern makes for a quick winter project. And if you don’t have a chandelier to hang them from, they can be strung together to make a winter garland. Consider using a bit of silver and gold glitter spray to add a bit of sparkle to your homemade snowflakes. 

Dried Orange Slices Garland

Another great winter garland idea is crafting this dried orange garland. This DIY craft is a perfect family activity for all ages that can be hung up around the house to be both a bright pop of orange color and a hint of natural vibrancy. 

Warm up with a Blanket

Winters are always chilly, and it’s important to have a spot where you can take a break from having frozen toes. Creating a place in your house where you can always warm up will give you the time to relax your entire body from being tense and shivering, and will quickly become your favorite sofa or chair in your home. 

Sew Sweet Minky Design has the perfect blankets for you to snuggle up with and beat the sharp winter chill. With blankets for women, men, and children, each member of the family can find a blanket of their own. Try one out to see just how much a good blanket can help improve the winter months.

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