When Is It Too Cold for Dogs?

When Is It Too Cold for Dogs?

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder during the fall and into the winter, it’s important to not forget about our four-legged friends. Your dog is part of your family, so of course you want to know when it is too cold for dogs and when it becomes too cold to leave your dog outside. 

But all the yelling back and forth on Facebook doesn’t really help, does it? Memes insist that every time we’re shivering, our pups are on the verge of hypothermia. People argue back that dogs are built differently and their husky would be out in a nuclear winter, gleefully chasing mutated rabbits across the wasteland. None of it tells us what we want to know: Does my dog get cold? And if so, how cold is too cold for dogs? This isn’t a meme, but we’ll do our best to provide some answers. 

Does My Dog Get Cold at Night?

Yes, your dog gets cold at night. When it gets cold enough, it is just as dangerous to dogs to stay exposed to cold weather as it is for humans. A thick coat of fur can help a dog, but they are still susceptible to the cold. 

When it comes to knowing how well a dog will handle the cold, it depends on the breed, as well as the type of weather they are in. 

Dog Breed

Some dogs—like Akitas, Saint Bernards, Alaskan malamutes, and Siberian huskies—were bred to stay warm in the cold weather. They are able to thrive in the cold and will be happy to play a game of fetch while running through a foot of snow, but even with these hearty breeds, you should never leave your dog outside all night when it gets too cold. 

Do some research so you know about your dog's ability to handle cold temperatures. Some key things to look at are the size of your dog and the thickness of their coat. A large, muscular dog with thick and fluffy fur is able to insulate and retain their body heat, which means that they are able to survive in the cold longer. 


Pay attention to the weather. Just like there’s a dry and wet heat, there is also dry and wet cold. While some dogs are able to handle 30 degrees in a dry cold, they would start to shiver and run the risk of getting hurt with a humid cold. 

When looking at the weather, it is also important to consider the wind. Many weather services provide not only the temperature but the windchill temperature. Pay attention to both because your dog might feel comfortable in 40 degrees, but with windchill, it could feel like below freezing and do permanent damage to them. 

How Do You Know if Your Dog Is Cold?

Keep a close eye on their behavior. If they start to shiver, act anxious, whine, have a slow response time, or hold up one or more paws to avoid the cold ground, it’s time to go inside. 

When is it too cold for dogs? If it ever drops under 20 degrees outside, your dog has a very high risk to develop problems like hypothermia and frostbite. At that temperature, you should always bring your dog inside and guarantee they have a warm spot to sleep.

How cold is too cold to leave a dog outside? Watch your dog. Depending on their actions and how they react to the weather, it can be different for each breed. If you have a young puppy or an elderly dog, they will not be able to handle the cold as well as adolescent or adult dogs of the same breed. 

When your dog is cold, it’s important to keep them warm. A few ways that you can do this is by making sure that they have a cozy dog house that can keep them protected, or bring them inside and make sure they have a warm, comfortable place to sleep.

What Is The Best Material for a Dog Blanket?

The best characteristics of a dog blanket are a blanket that is sturdy, machine-washable, odor-resistant, and one that matches your dog. This will help your dog’s blanket stay fresh no matter the time of year or what mess your dog makes. Sew Sweet Minky’s blankets check off all these boxes. Our blankets are handmade, and we provide quality, machine-washable blankets that are as sturdy as they are soft and cozy.

Can Dogs Feel Soft Blankets?

Yes. Dogs can probably feel if a blanket is soft or not, and just like you, they enjoy a soft, warm place to sleep. Your dog will show you that it’s comfortable through body language. Their ears will relax and their body will slouch into their spot. Just like anyone else in a warm bed, they’ll be slow to stand up from their spot and respond to commands. The best sign is when they are sleeping and let their mouth hang open and drool.

You can tell if a dog isn’t comfortable because they’ll keep trying to find a better spot to lay down and sleep. They’ll pace, sniff, and will be quick to abandon their spot for yours. 

Sweet Minky for Your Dog

Sew Sweet Minky Designs’ blankets are a great option for your best friend year-round and can keep them warm during the cold winters. Instead of waiting and wondering if it’s too cold to keep your dog outside, keep your four-legged family member warm year-round. Our blankets are 100% polyester and are machine-washable in cold water. And with a quick tumble dry with no heat (or hung to air dry), they can provide a warm, soft, and welcoming spot for your pooch to avoid the harsh winter weather. 

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