What Is My Home Decor Style?

What Is My Home Decor Style?

Our home is our haven. It’s our own space that not only provides a place to return to at the end of the day, but offers a unique and personalized experience that nourishes you with comfort. We commonly see home makeover shows on television that boost people’s living spaces. And these might have you wondering—what is my decor style?

Especially if you’re a fairly new homeowner or are new to home design, this is a question that often involves a creative journey of research and figuring out your aesthetic preferences. Follow along as we go over the different types of design styles to determine which one is right for you.

Types of Home Design Styles

Below are the most common home design styles. Each carrying unique inspirations, these designs express different moods and aesthetics. 

Contemporary Interior Design

With fine lines (straight or curved), neutral colors, and textures, contemporary interior design focuses on simplicity and sophistication. There aren’t any bold or fussy prints--it often sticks to metal, stone, and/or clear glass with an artistic flair. It provides an overall sense of timelessness and relaxation that appeals to many. 

Modern Interior Design

It’s easy to confuse contemporary with modern interior design. Though both styles value simplicity and uncluttered spaces with clean lines, modern follows stricter design formats. 

For example, curved lines are not features that modern style would incorporate; that’s something contemporary design would be more inclined to play around with. Modern abides more by minimalism, balance, and clean lines, whereas contemporary likes to work with form and aesthetic appeal.

Traditional Interior Design

Inspired by European sensibilities, traditional interior design takes on a variety of design styles and eras. It often highlights the 18th and 19th-century European decor while weaving in elegance and sophistication through modern components. People who love art history and antiques will appreciate this style. 

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design is ingrained in the ambiance and style of warehouses and lofts. There’s a sense of rawness with a dash of refinement. High ceilings, metal light fixtures, brick, exposed pipes, and old timbers are components that are commonly found in industrial homes. These are combined with neutral and sleek furniture that makes it chic and modern.

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic design uses raw and unfinished elements like wooden beams, stone, brick and/or clay to craft a space. You may have heard of the “farmhouse” style, which primarily incorporates this technique. It gives off a rustic, old feel that is very relaxed and as if you are away in a remote abode in the countryside or mountains.

Shabby Chic Interior Design

This style brings forth artistry and elegance. It carries a bit of bohemian and rustic vibes without looking overly worn out. The focus of this style lies within its use of antique furniture that kindles a sense of old-time elegance mixed with fun and eclectic patterns, creating a feminine and relaxed vibe.

Minimalist Interior Design

Popular in Australia, minimalism takes modern design and makes it simpler. Neutral colors and simple furnishings define this style. It’s rooted in the concept of functionality and simplicity, which commonly evokes clean lines and geometric shapes. 

Hollywood Glam/Hollywood Regency Interior Design

As indicated by their names, Hollywood Glam or Hollywood Regency are designs that reflect wealth, glamour, and luxury. It often includes vibrant colors, classic furnishings, and high contrast patterns used strategically that gives off an elegant and attractive look.

Finding the Style That’s Right for You

Now that you’re familiar with various design styles, the important question becomes: What is my home decor style? Which one is right for me? 

A design style should make you feel comfortable and reflect your personality. The following activities can help you choose the right style for you.

1. Create a Mood Board

Apps such as Pinterest are great platforms to find inspiration and easily put together a virtual mood board. When you find home or office design images that speak to you, you can easily save and come back to them later while planning. 

If you’re more of a hands-on person, you can get a cork board and pin images from magazines, books, and the internet to compile a wonderful layout that will help guide you toward a style. 

2. Attend a Designer Showhouse

See if any designer showhouses are going on around town. These events allow you to see how interior designers decorate a room based on styles they are currently into. 

Watching this can give you some ideas and inspiration on how you want to create the personality of your living space. You can also talk to designers afterward to get some personal advice.

3. Select a Design Anchor 

Look around your home and see if there is a particular object that you admire. It can be a centerpiece, picture frame, or lamp. Use this item as a design anchor, or an object that you can build around.

Or, if there’s a particular piece of furniture on the market you’ve been eyeing, use it to help plant your design ideas. Rather than trying to mesh various furniture and decor items together all at once, it’s easier to start small with one element and grow from there. You can then create a vignette, or a small area of arranged items or furniture, that reflect your potential style. Live with it for a week to see if it’s worth pursuing for the long-run.

4. Take a Quiz

There are fun and helpful quizzes available online from Havenly and Designer Society of America that can guide you toward design styles that may be a good fit. Based on the results, you can then do some research (finding the furniture and decorations) to reach a decision.

As home design is a creative expression of who we are, it’s important to take time to figure out what your decor style is. You want to make sure that whatever kind of furniture and accessories you decide to put together, it makes you feel comfortable and right at home. 

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