How to Use Decorative Blankets in Your Home Decor

How to Use Decorative Blankets in Your Home Decor

Your home is your sanctuary, your safe place. It’s a place you want your family and friends to feel comfortable and at ease. And you wouldn’t mind if it looked dang good at the same time, right? 

The amount of thought and attention to detail that goes into good home decor might not seem like much, but when you stop to consider every little aspect that makes up the whole, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! We have tips and tricks as well as ideas and suggestions to help you figure out how to spruce up your home decor—all starting with decorative blankets.

Whether you’re looking to entirely redo your home decor or just want to mix things up a bit, our suggestions on how to use decorative blankets will help you stylishly and affordably transform your space into something lovely, new, and distinctly you. 

Use Bright Accent Colors

Add brighter accent colors to the color schemes in your house with your throw blanket choices. Choose a lively red or yellow for rustic, warmly decorated rooms or go with a bold grey or black for rooms with neutral color palettes. 

Anything too heavily patterned typically doesn’t work well in most rooms, so try to stick with solid-colored decorative blankets or blankets with minimal patterns.

Use the Rule of Three

When trying to figure out how many blankets you should use, this is an important rule to keep in mind when decorating any area of your home. The rule of thirds is actually a basic design principle. Simply stated, things look better in groups of odd numbers. There’s more visual interest with three or five than there is with two or four. 

The number three, in particular, is a good number to remember when thinking about using throw blankets to decorate your space. 

Throw Blankets on Beds, Sofas, Chairs, and Stools/Benches

The best places to use decorative blankets are on beds, sofas, chairs, stools, benches, and baskets. Why? Because most rooms in your home are going to have at least one or two of these items already in them. 

Throws on beds

Fold a throw on a bed horizontally, neatly at the foot, or really however you’d like. You can have one big throw or multiple smaller ones, whatever speaks most to you. If you’re looking for a statement piece to go on top of your bed, try a knitted blanket or faux fur. 

Throw blankets for couches

Couches often have pillows as well as blankets, so remember the rule of thirds from before. If you have one blanket, add two pillows. Two blankets? Maybe one pillow. You can tweak the style and design however you like until you find the right formula for you. 

Toss a couch throw blanket across the arm of the sofa to give it a casual, comfortable feel, or fold it neatly and drape it over the arm for a more stately feel. 

Blankets on chairs

The rule of thirds doesn’t apply to chairs. In fact, it can be good to style chairs sitting right next to each other in much the same way. Throw blankets can be placed over chairs to protect cushions and backs, as well as to add color to a chair that is neutral. 

As with couches, decorative blankets on chairs can be draped or folded neatly, whatever style you prefer. 

Blankets on stools and benches

Putting a blanket on a stool or bench that is regularly used by guests or family might not be the best idea. If the stool or bench is mainly decorative, then a throw blanket is a perfect accessory. Again, the blankets don’t have to be draped casually; they can be folded neatly and placed wherever they look best.

Change with the Seasons

Similar to the way you’d change your wardrobe when the weather warms up or cools down, consider swapping out your decorative blankets every so often for a fresh, affordable way to renovate your home decor. 

You can change up the style for the holidays, when the weather shifts, or whenever you feel like it. 

Style Outside

Decorative throw blankets don’t have to be limited to the indoors. You can use them just as effectively on your outside decor too! Remember that certain types of fabrics will be more effective outside, so opt for something like wool over cotton. 

Comfort and Style with Minky

Looking for the ultimate throw blanket in terms of softness and warmth? Try a minky blanket, with Sew Sweet Minky Designs. Order yours today!  

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