Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Grandma

Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Grandma

Finding a great gift for grandparents can be hard—especially if they already have everything or say they don’t want anything. But, these are the people who slipped you extra candy, watched your sporting events or dance recitals, and probably put up with a tantrum or two. You want to get them something great, but what? If you’re looking for the best gifts for grandparents, check out our list below. 

Hand-Sewn Blanket

Are your grandparents always complaining that they’re cold? Help them stay warmer with a soft, comfortable throw blanket. We recommend a hand-sewn minky blanket from Sew Sweet. All products are hand-made and come in great styles so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for a grandparent.

DNA Test for Family History

If your grandparents are really into family history, get them a DNA test kit from Ancestry. This kit gives them the chance to explore and appreciate their family history. Plus, they’ll be able to see a genetic breakdown of their heritage and their entire family tree all online. 

Smart Garden

Let your grandparents do some indoor gardening with a tiny smart garden. The tiny pod is perfect for growing small veggies or herbs all year round. This isn’t something found in every grandparent’s home and is sure to surprise them. The best part? The garden doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or watering.

Tile Mate Tracker

How often do your grandparents ask: “Where are my glasses?” or “Have you seen my keys?” The Tile Mate Tracker makes our list for best gift ideas for grandparents because it’s incredibly useful. This small device attaches to keys, glasses, and other items and helps them find whatever it is they’ve lost. If they frequently lose their phone, Tile Mate also has a find your phone option.

Photo Book or Calendar

Take some time to create a photo book or calendar of favorite family moments spent with their favorite people. Let them take a trip down memory lane whenever they’re feeling nostalgic or missing you. Companies like Artifact Uprising or SmileBooks are a great choice and really affordable.

Collectible Edition of a Favorite Book

For grandparents who are bookworms, consider giving them a collectible edition of their favorite book. You can find beautiful copies of classic novels in Barnes and Noble’s Collectible Editions. Books like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Art of War, Pride and Prejudice, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and more are in this collection. Each is leather-bound and has a ribbon bookmark.

Long Distance Twin Lamps

If you’re living far away from a grandparent, consider getting long-distance twin lamps from Uncommon Goods. These lamps are connected through wi-fi and can be turned on with a touch of the hand. When it’s turned on, the other lamp will also light up, letting the other person know that you’re thinking about them. It’s a fun, easy way to tell them “I love you” no matter the distance between you.

Lighted Stand Magnifier

This is one of the best gifts for grandparents because it’s really practical. If one of your grandparent’s eyesight is starting to worsen and make reading a huge pain, this lighted stand magnifier can relieve eye strain by magnifying text up to three times. It can be used lying flat on reading material, standing on four folding legs, or hung around the neck. 


Salt Block for Grilling

Grandparents who love grilling or cooking will love this Himalayan salt block. Chill it to serve sushi or warm it up to grill veggies on. It adds a great flavor to food and holds temperature incredibly well, something any chef will appreciate. Plus, it’s long-lasting and very sanitary, which your grandparents are sure to love.

Prompt Journal

Encourage your grandparents to record their life if they haven’t already done so. A prompt journal, like this one from Uncommon Goods, is a perfect family keepsake. These journals include prompts such as “Where were you born?” or “Tell about your wedding day,” which makes recording their life story much easier. Plus, it shows them that you’re interested in hearing and remembering their life story. 

Find the Perfect Gift

Finding gifts for grandmothers who have everything can be incredibly challenging. Choosing one of the gift ideas on this list can make it easier. They’re sweet, thoughtful, and are sure to be something that any grandma or grandpa will appreciate. 

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