How to Properly Store Blankets

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As winter turns to spring and the temperature warms up, it’s time to put your heavy blankets and quilts away and get out your lighter blankets. However, there is a right way to store blankets to keep them safe from mold, bugs, and odors. If you’ve been shoving your blankets into a plastic bag and tossing them on a shelf in the garage, it’s time to stop. Here’s the right way to store blankets and bedding.

Wash and Dry Everything First

Ideally, your bedding, quilts, minky blankets, or sheets should be completely clean and dry. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t any moisture on them before putting them into storage. Any leftover moisture creates a perfect place for odors to arise and mold to grow.

Blanket Storage Options

A linen closet is a perfect place to store blankets and bedding. Good airflow and warm temperatures will keep them safe from mold, mildew, and bugs. However, if you don’t have the option of using a linen closet, try these blanket storage options instead.

Blanket Storage Bags

You can find blanket storage bags or vacuum storage bags almost anywhere. The best choice is cotton bags as they’ll keep dust from settling on blankets and keep bugs out. Plus, they’re breathable enough to allow moisture to escape, which prevents mold from forming. Anything you put into blanket storage bags should be folded neatly and tightly, then placed either under your bed or on another shelf in your home.

Be careful about using vacuum storage bags. While they’re suitable for some bedding, they may not be for more delicate blankets or bedding like goose feather bedding or heirloom quilts. These can easily become damaged or ruined under compression from a vacuum or if something is stored on top of it. Should you decide to use a vacuum storage bag, make sure to leave a little air in it prior to storage. 

Blanket Storage Basket

A blanket storage basket is a good choice if you need easy access to your blankets or need to transport them during a move. Baskets are perfect for keeping your collection of living room blankets neat, organized, and out of the way. You’ll want to select a blanket storage basket that has good airflow to prevent moisture or bugs from ruining them.

If you’re searching for a long-term blanket storage option, a basket may not be the best choice. You may struggle to find the right size or one with enough protection. Consider using another method like blanket storage bags or chests for long-term storage. 

Blanket Storage Chests

If you have family heirlooms or delicate bedding, a blanket storage chest is the only way to go for long-term storage. Chests provide enough protection from bugs, dust, and moisture and are very practical. A cedar blanket storage chest is the best choice for long-term storage. Cedarwood oil is a natural moth and insect repellent, which means that your blankets will be kept safe from harmful insects. 

You can also use decorative benches as blanket storage. While not as effective as cedar chests, they’ll still keep your blankets protected against the elements and out of the way for a few months. 

Comforter Hangers

These are a great option if you’re looking to hang blankets or quilts to keep them protected. They allow enough air to flow between the fabric to prevent mold from forming and can be hung up in your closet or from a shelf. 

Keep Blankets Fresh

Whether you’ve stored your blankets in blanket storage bags or in a chest, there are a few things you can do to keep them fresh while in storage:

  • Dryer sheets: Place a few dryer sheets in a folder blanket prior to storage. Dryer sheets are perfect for keeping moisture out and fabric smelling fresh.
  • Avoid mothballs: While they work great for your clothes, they don’t work as well for blankets. Oftentimes, mothballs leave blankets with a bad odor that can be difficult to get rid of.
  • DIY odor absorber: There are plenty of DIY odor absorbers available online. Most are made by mixing essential oils with baking soda and storing inside a mason jar. A few holes in the lid will allow the scent to escape and keep blankets and bedding smelling great. 

  • However you decide to store your blankets, you’ll want to ensure you follow the tips above. This way your favorite blanket or heirloom quilt stays clean, fresh, and protected for years to come.

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