Blanket Storage Ideas for the Home

Blanket Storage Ideas for the Home

Draping a blanket or throw across the back of a chair or couch is one of the easiest ways to store blankets. The method works great if you only have one or two blankets. Plus, it adds a bit of texture and warmth to a room. But what do you do if you have dozens of throws, blankets, and quilts you need to store? 

Finding blanket storage that is functional and that you can keep close by can be challenging. Additionally, finding something that looks great and adds some decor to your home is equally hard. If you’re looking for blanket storage ideas that are both practical and attractive, check out some of the ideas below. From vintage trunks to modern shelving, there are plenty of options to keep a blanket close by on those cold winter days. 


Whether you want to hide blankets away or keep them out in the open, baskets are a great blanket storage option. You can choose from hundreds of designs, textures, and colors so you’re sure to find one that fits with your current decor. Opt for an open weave to show off quilts or a cool, metal basket for plaid or flannel blankets. 


Decorative ladders are a newer trend, but they’re great for showing off decorative quilts or blanket collections. Similar to baskets, there are tons of options out there in terms of color, material, and style. 

A vertical ladder is a good option if you have an empty wall to prop it against. For a more modern, trendy look, go with a horizontal blanket ladder. These are also great for storing blankets and give a more shabby chic look to a room. Both options are perfect for storing blankets.

Display Cabinet

If you have a collection of decorative quilts that you’ve made or that were passed down to you, consider storing them in a display cabinet. Using a china cabinet or refurbished armoire without the drawers is a perfect way to show off your collection while keeping things organized. You could even use an entertainment system or console for storage. Removing the drawers provides extra storage space and quick access to blankets.

Wine Rack

Blankets that can be easily rolled or are thinner, like infant blankets, can easily be stored on a wine rack. This is a great blanket storage solution and looks lovely over a crib or changing table. Wine rack storage is also a great idea for smaller children’s blankets. 

Vintage Laundry Basket

You might think a laundry basket wouldn’t be a good storage solution. Think again! A vintage laundry basket with wheels and open weave adds a great decorative touch to a bedroom or guest room. You can easily pile it high with throws, mismatched blankets, or quilts. Plus, you can easily wheel it to your washing machine on laundry day. 

Overhead Storage

For quick, easy access to your favorite blanket, add some storage either above your bed or your couch. You can mount a basket or shelf for a more traditional look, or, for some country charm, you can repurpose an old hay bin. 

Firewood Carrier

If a room has a boho vibe, a firewood carrier is a great addition. They’re inexpensive and can be purchased at flea markets or thrift stores. You can easily roll up blankets and store them on a shelf or on the floor. 

Back of the Door

For all the adult blankets you want to keep out of sight, consider installing storage containers behind doors. Rows of towel racks are a good option for bigger blankets, and a shoe organizer is perfect for baby swaddles. Any of these options will keep blankets organized and easily accessible.

Ottomans with Lids

Ottomans with lids are a perfect living room blanket storage solution. It’ll still do the job of letting you prop up your feet, but offers additional storage for blankets. Some ottomans have wheels so they can easily be transported from one room to another.


Benches and Trunks

Consider adding a bench or trunk at the end of your bed where you can house extra blankets. A trunk brings some additional charm and warmth to a bedroom and is practical. Benches are also a great option. You can add baskets, crates, or boxes under your bench to store blankets and other items as well. Plus, if you find one sturdy enough to sit on, you can use it to slip on your shoes. 

Blanket Storage Bags

If you’re wanting to keep your blankets out of sight but within easy reach, consider a blanket storage bag. You can purchase one with a closable lid or zipper to keep your blankets clean and protected. Simply slip the bag under a couch or a bed, or put it on a shelf. 

Unless you have closets and shelves to spare, you likely need additional blanket storage ideas. No matter the style or look of a bedroom or living room, the ideas listed above offer an easy, practical, and decorative storage solution. 

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