Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for Every Room in the House

Sure, you can just leave Halloween’s leftover pumpkins on your porch and call it good, but if you want to spread the attitude of gratitude throughout your home, try some of these many Thanksgiving decor ideas for every room in the house!

Front Porch

One of the best ways to get inspired with Thanksgiving home decor ideas is to start with the front of your home. For a fantastic first impression, dress up the front of your house with decor ideas for Thanksgiving. The secret to making it all look pulled together is to keep the door as the main focal point, while not forgetting to accessorize the rest of the area.   

  • Line the walkway or steps with mums, cornstalks, wheat stalks, and other fall foliage.
  • Swap out your regular throw pillows for red, orange, cream, brown, and yellow ones instead.
  • Replace your everyday welcome mat with one that has a festive fall feel using pumpkins or leaves. 

Living Room

A happy living room will immediately put your guests at ease and make them feel right at home. Using items with a seasonal feel like neutral-colored fabrics, and chunky warm textures, combined with Thanksgiving-specific decor will give your home a cozy and festive feel. 

  • Fill vases with wheat, popcorn kernels, acorns, pinecones, etc.
  • Hang autumn wreaths on the inside of the windows.
  • Drape a fall-ish garland down the stair banister.
  • Spread faux fall leaves across the mantle, side tables, and coffee table.
  • Hang a “Give Thanks” banner above the sofa.

Kitchen and Dining Room

As everyone comes together to feast, make sure the table is set to reflect the season. When thought and care is put into these rooms, it tells guests that they are also thought about and cared for while visiting your home.

  • Hand write or print a menu for the meal.
  • Write names on (or tag) mini pumpkins for each guest.
  • Use natural materials for presenting food (i.e., wood cake stands and serving spoons).
  • Mix and match linens and place settings in various metallics such as gold, bronze, and copper.
  • Light candles of different heights and widths for complementary lighting. 
  • Fill bowls or trays with fall fruits/vegetables like apples, pomegranates, artichokes, almonds, etc.
  • Wrap cloth napkins with twine and a cinnamon stick, which can go in a hot drink later.
  • Use a hollowed-out pumpkin filled with ice for a drink cooler.
  • Pick up some stylish to-go containers and bags for leftovers

    Guest Bedroom

    When guests come to stay, make them feel like the most welcome guest ever. Accomplish this through thoughtful decor ideas for Thanksgiving scattered about the room.

    • Hang twinkle lights.
    • Make the bed with natural linen or flannel sheets.
    • Provide incredibly soft blankets for chilly evenings.
    • Set out a basket full of fall treats.
    • Leave a Thank You note expressing your gratitude.


    When the youngest guests come, make their special space just as joyful. Not only will they get a better sense of celebration, but happy kids equal happy adults during large gatherings.

    • Fill candy jars with candy corn or jelly beans, chocolate kisses, and M&Ms in the season’s colors.Put up a Thankful Tree and invite children to write what they are grateful for on paper leaves and let them hang them up.
    • Set up a craft center and provide construction paper, glue sticks, crayons, googly eyes, and feathers to make turkeys. 
    • Prep a reading nook with a cuddly blanket and Thanksgiving-themed picture books.


    Surely even the powder room could use a little autumnal pick-me-up. Don’t forget this area, as it’s sure to be used plenty.

    • Make it smell nice with potpourri or a scent diffuser of cinnamon, pumpkin, or vanilla.
    • Put out the fancy soaps and lotions with seasonal scents.
    • Hang a fluffy hand towel with a fall foliage print.

    Final Tips for Perfect Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

    Finally, a few final tips for pulling off all the perfect Thanksgiving home decor ideas:

    • Don’t over decorate. No need to go overboard with decorating every surface of every room. You’re going for festive—not gaudy. 
    • Light a fire. Your home will always feel more warm and welcoming with a glow in the fireplace.
    • Be grateful and cheerful yourself. The most beautiful Thanksgiving decor you could display is your own smile. Through all the holiday stress, remind yourself to stay in a place of gratitude, and share your love with others. This has more beauty than any holiday decorations could ever provide. 

    Browse Sew Sweet’s Minky Design blankets for your home this holiday season, stay warm and cozy,  and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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