What Type of Cuddler Are You?

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No matter who you’re cuddling with, whether it be a loved one, your pet, or a big pillow, cuddling is one of the most comforting, stress-relieving activities you can do. After a long day, coming home and snuggling up is something a lot of people look forward to. 

There are many different cuddling positions people can choose from. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more popular ones:

Big Spoon

When you’re the big spoon, you lie behind your partner on your side, wrap your arms around them, and hold them tight. It’s almost like you’re holding your favorite teddy bear. 

Little Spoon

You guessed it! When you’re lying in the Little Spoon position, you’re the “favorite Teddy Bear” your partner gets to hold! It’s a wonderful feeling to be held by a loved one while falling asleep.

The Honeymoon Hug

This is a position for you and your partner when you can’t get enough of each other. For this position, you'll both be laying on your sides, facing each other, and holding each other tight. 

Cheek to Cheek Cuddler

In this position, you and your partner are both laying on your sides away from one another, but your lower backs and butts cheeks are touching. This pose allows you to still be touching your partner without too much contact. 

The Sweetheart Cradle

For the sweetheart cradle, one of you will be on your back, and the other will lie their head on the other’s chest. This position is one of the more popular cuddling positions for allowing your partner to feel loved and cared for. 

The Arm Draper

For this position, you still want your space, but want to delicately touch your partner and feel them near you. 

What Kind of Cuddler Are You? 

There are so many different positions that you can cuddle with your partner! If you’re having a hard time deciding which position is best for you and your partner, take this quiz to find out!

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