What Are Minky Fabric Blankets Made From?

What Are Minky Fabric Blankets Made From?

Minky fabric is smooth, buttery-soft, and snuggly enough for people of all ages, including new babies. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures and is sewn into blankets of all sizes. With all the plush warmth and cuddles minky blankets offer, plus beauty and personalized style, you may be wondering what minky fabric is made out of. The fluff and furry softness may even beg the question if the fabric is made from an animal, such as the mink animal.

What Is Minky Fabric Made Out Of?

Minky fabric does not come from an animal, including the mink animal. 

It is a completely synthetic fabric made from 100% polyester fibers that have been knitted together. “Synthetic” means created with human-made materials, and not from any animal or natural product  Minky is a super-soft, plush, microfiber fabric. It is a type of fleece fabric that is particularly warm and luxurious. Minky is definitely a must-feel fabric: if you’ve ever touched a blanket that is especially soft and fluffy, chances are it was made out of minky fabric.

Minky fabrics can be found in various weights, thicknesses, and pile heights. Because minky is synthetic, it can be manufactured in just about any pattern and color possible, so you can find a blanket that fits your style or personality. Most minky fabrics are one-sided: that means they have a plush, full, furry texture on the top side. 

What Is Made with Minky Fabric?

Basically anything can be made from minky fabric. Because it is so soft, minky is perfect for blankets for adults, children, and babies—or really, anything you want to be soft, warm, and comfortable. Minky is popular for anything related to babies, including:

  • Blankets
  • Booties
  • Clothes
  • Seat covers
  • Bibs
  • Stuffed animals
  • Hats 

Adults, kids, and teenagers like minky fabric too, especially for these types of items:

  • Decorative and throw blankets
  • Blankets for sleeping and snuggling
  • Slippers
  • Quilt backings
  • Pillowcases
  • Hats
  • Mittens 
  • Robes

What Textures Is Minky Fabric Available In?

Minky fabric is made in a variety of textures. The texture of the fabric can help define the use, character, and style of the final product. Popular minky textures include:

  • Smooth Minky: A smooth, uniform pile height that makes a great, cuddly blanket.
  • Minky Dot: A short pile fabric with raised dots, great for baby blankets and quilt backings.
  • Minky Rose: Long fibers are swirled to create a rose pattern that looks great on quilts and throw blankets.
  • Sherpa Minky: A fabric with the look and texture of Sherpa fleece—the kind used as lining for hoodies and warm sweatshirts—but with the plush softness of minky. 
  • Minky Stripe: Fabric made with a high pile that is colored and formed to look and feel just like animal fur.

What About Mink Animals? Is Their Fur Used to Make Minky Blankets?

Speaking of animal fur, it is helpful to clarify that minky fabric is definitely not made from any type of animal. That can definitely be confusing, especially when minky is styled to look like fur, because the fabric is so soft, and the pile so high. The name is also confusing: “minky” sounds very similar to “mink,” which leaves some people wondering if minky blankets are made from the mink animal.

But there is no connection between minky fabric blankets and the mink animal. Minks, related to the weasel, otter, and ferret, are indeed raised and valued for their furs. Their furs usually grow in shades of glossy brown, white, or black, and aren’t dyed or made into different textures, as minky fabric blankets are. Soft mink furs are made into clothing, including shawls, coats, and hoods. Clothing made from mink fur is considered valuable and luxurious, and is not typically associated with babies. 

Minky blankets also feel luxurious and are valuable to the people who decorate with them or snuggle tight into them, but they are made from human-made materials and not from real animal fur, and are great for people of all ages. 

Bring a Minky Blanket Home

Once you’ve snuggled under a minky blanket, you can’t go back to any other fabric. The texture and softness are unlike any other type of blanket. Plus, they make beautiful throw blankets and decorations in any home. At Sew Sweet, our blankets are made from quality minky fabric that will keep every member of the family warm and comfortable.

Interested in bringing a minky blanket home for you or a loved one? Look through our minky blanket shop today.

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