What Types of Minky Blanket Are the Softest?

What Types of Minky Blanket Are the Softest?

We at Sew Sweet Minky Designs love to make the softest minky blankets for our shoppers. We want our blankets to be the chosen cuddle-buddy for you, your little ones, and your fur babies.

But, you’ve probably noticed we have a lot of different types of minky fabric in our blankets. You may wonder which one of these blankets is actually the softest. We guarantee that any of our blankets will be some of the softest things you ever touch, but some of the different blankets can offer unique textures that might not work with your personal taste. So here’s a helpful guide to help you find the perfect minky blanket.

What Is Minky Fabric?

Minky is not mink fabric—it’s 100% vegan made. It’s a polyester fabric made up of thousands of soft microfibers. It’s kind of like fleece, but much softer and thicker. The fabric is super plush, which can make the perfect blanket to cuddle up to while you read a book, watch a movie, or drift off to sleep. And because it’s made from polyester, you can get a minky fabric in almost every color imaginable.

Are There Different Types of Minky Fabric?

All minky fabric is made of the same microfiber material, but how it is manufactured can vary. Many manufacturers will add additional texture to their blankets, which will affect the smoothness of the fabric. Other variations include printed fabrics, which takes away some of the plushness in favor of an intricate design.

Different Kinds of Minky Fabric

Because minky fabric is synthetically made, blankets can be any kind of texture your brain can imagine! But some types are much more common than others, including:

  • Smooth - The generic type of fabric, smooth minky doesn’t have any patterns or markings on it.
  • Ribbon - Some of the microfibers are shaved out of the fabric to give an almost corduroy look and feel.
  • Print - Still smooth, print minky fabrics will have a design, such as tie-dye or animal prints.
  • Super Plush - These fabrics will have a lot of layers of microfibers, creating a deep plush that is incredibly soft and fluffy.
  • Dimple Dot - Extra microfibers take the form of raised dots all over the fabric, which makes for a very interesting texture and feel.

  • Sew Sweet Minky Designs’ Fabrics

    We always like to be a little extra with our blankets. That’s why Sew Sweet Minky Designs has a ton of fabrics and different versions of minky blankets to choose from. But don’t worry, while all of these options can make choosing a blanket difficult, you can be sure all of them will still be incredibly soft and plush.

  • Bella - The Bella offers attractive wavy patterns that are easy on the eyes and smooth to the touch. 
  • Brooklyn - Covered in small bumps, the Brooklyn provides a nice and relaxing texture that’ll help you drift off to sleep.
  • Chenille - Soft and rich, Chenille provides a nice mixture of tufted yarn and polyester. 
  • Chinchilla - This plush and cuddly fabric provides a unique texture with its large ridges. 
  • Demi Rose - Soft fabric that’s easy on the eyes with its rose petal patterns. 
  • Dynasty - Fluffy fabric that has intricate patterns. 
  • Frost - This smooth and two-toned fabric gives a frosted look to our blankets. Frost can also be used for other textures like Gem and Hide. 
  • Galaxy - The Galaxy fabric provides a mix of monochromatic colors and intricate shaved patterns.
  • Heather - Smooth and mildly textured fabric.
  • Hide - Our Hide fabric is smooth and lightly textured to resemble a cowhide.
  • Lapin - A super plushy fabric with a modern two-tone design.
  • Lattice - The fabric is shaved to look like a lattice fence design.
  • Luna - Small amounts of fabric are shaved to create a light and plush texture.
  • Marble - Fluffy two-tone fabric creates a beautiful and comfortable texture.
  • Niagara - Thin stripes and small circles are shaved out for a unique design.
  • Paloma - Crescent shapes are shaved out of thick plush for a mesmerizing fabric.
  • Rose - Different from Demi Rose, these blankets look like a bundle of rose flowers.
  • Seal - A classic, smooth look to a minky blanket.
  • Shaggy - Imagine a blanket that hasn’t gotten a haircut (in a good way).
  • Sherpa - A variant of knit and polyester fleece, Sherpa is a classic blanket with a little extra plush.
  • Stone - Circles of various shapes are shaved to look like a soft cobblestone path.
  • Ziggy - Zig-zag lines on the blanket make a soft, ribbed texture.

  • Sew Sweet Minky Designs also makes a bunch of different printed minky fabrics, adding even more of a stylish variety to your blankets.

    Find the Perfect Minky Blanket for You

    All of Sew Sweet Minky Designs’ blankets are totally soft, plush, and perfect for a nice cuddle. It’s okay to take your time to figure out what size, color, and texture would be the best match for your blanket needs. After all, it all comes down to personal preference! In the meantime, head on over to our homepage to learn more about our blankets and our Facebook Live shows where we auction off the newest additions to our shop!

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