How Many Blankets Should You Sleep With?

How Many Blankets Should You Sleep With?

How many blankets do you really need to sleep well at night? We ask ourselves this almost every time we get a less-than restful sleep. You might feel like your blankets are making you too warm, or that they’re even too heavy to keep you comfortable. So let’s get into how many blankets you need to sleep, and how Sew Sweet Minky Designs can make your blanket dreams a reality.

How Do Blankets Keep You Warm?

Before we talk about how many blankets you need, we need to talk about how blankets keep you warm. So let’s get into the science of blankets, shall we?

Blankets don’t create heat by themselves. Think about it, you never pick up a blanket and feel the heat radiating from it (unless it’s a heated blanket, of course). No, YOU are the one making the blanket warm.

The human body is constantly radiating heat that warms up the air around us. Having layers of fabric around you traps that air and keeps you warm. That’s why when it gets too hot, we’ve invented the maneuver of sticking a leg out from under the blankets to let hot air vent out!

How Many Blankets Do I Need?

The right answer really depends on the person and their conditions. There are a lot of reasons why one person might prefer more blankets, or less, for example:

  • The amount of clothes they wear to bed
  • How hot/cold outdoor temperatures are
  • The quality of bedding they use
  • Their personal sleeping preferences

But generally speaking, most people will be fine with one to two blankets on their bed. One blanket will trap plenty of hot air between itself and your body, but another blanket will create another layer of warmth. This will give you plenty of heat in the winter.

Benefits of More Blankets

If you’ve been known to sleep with more than two blankets, that’s ok! There are plenty of unique benefits that come with more blankets.

  • Added Weight: The weight from additional blankets can mean the blankets feel like they’re cuddling up to you, almost like a warm embrace as you fall asleep. The increased weight adds a light pressure which can actually help you relax. This type of pressure therapy is why weighted blankets are becoming so popular.
  • Security: Along with added weight, an extra blanket provides another shield to give a feeling of security. It’s something adopted as kids, since that was the only place to hide from those monsters in the closet.
  • Extra Warmth: And of course, another blanket means more warmth. This is perfect for colder climates or people who just never seem to get warm at night.

Benefits of Fewer Blankets

Of course, it’s ok to sleep with less too.

  • No Overheating: Nothing is worse than sweating in bed. With fewer layers, you don’t have to worry about trapping too much heat and overheating. You’ll be able to sleep in temperate and breezy conditions.
  • Easy to Tidy Up: Making your bed is way less of a headache when you have fewer blankets to wrangle. No more folding away the extra blankets when you’re not using them.
  • Pajama-Friendly: Fewer blankets are also for the benefit of pajama-wearers. It’s easy to overheat when you wear extra layers to bed, but only having one blanket keeps you from getting too hot for comfort.

  • Blankets By the Seasons

    It’s a good idea to change your blanket strategy with the change of the seasons. For example, you may opt for piling on the blankets during the winter months, and stowing them away once your room has trouble getting below 70 degrees at night. But if you miss the weight of multiple blankets in the winter, you can snag a single, heavier blanket to compensate in the summer.

    Pile On with Sew Sweet Minky Designs

    No matter what your sleep habits might be, Sew Sweet Minky Designs has blankets for everyone. Check out all of our blankets to discover the one that matches your color palette and will give you endless comfort throughout the year!

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