Blanket Patterns to Match Personalities

Blanket Patterns to Match Personalities

We humans have a connection to color and patterns. Don’t believe us? Take a look in your closet. See one particular pattern over and over again? Or maybe one or two colors you have a lot of? For whatever reason, we tend to be drawn to particular favorites. 

Sure, there can be times when trends in clothing or fashion dictate popularity in particular patterns, but in the same breath, there will always be those colors and patterns you’re drawn to the most. So let’s dive a little deeper into that reality. Have you ever wondered what it might mean for you to just adore cheetah print? Polka dots? Paisley? 

And the thing is, it’s not just clothes. You might be in love with certain patterns for shirts but be drawn to something entirely different for, say, a blanket. But here’s the thing: blankets can be just as personalized as the clothes you wear. The types of blanket patterns you like can help you develop a decor and style for your home. Have you ever received a blanket in a pattern you just didn’t love? That’s because it wasn’t your style. 

Let’s take a closer look at what your penchant for each of these blanket patterns might be saying about your personality and how you can apply your soon-learned knowledge on blanket patterns toward giving the right blanket as a gift.

Popular Patterns 

There have been many famous and trendy patterns throughout the years. The following list is some of the most impactful and continually used patterns in fashion, clothing, and blankets:

  • Stripes
  • Polka Dots
  • Paisley
  • Toile
  • Chevron
  • Gingham
  • Tartan
  • Plaid
  • Animal Print
  • Floral
  • Monochromatic

  • But what do each of these say about your personality? Let’s learn more. 

    What Your Favorite Patterns Say about You

    Here’s the thing: there’s surely been a time in your life when you’ve opened the bag, unwrapped the gift, torn off the wrapping paper, whatever, and you’ve been disappointed. Not because the gift wasn’t thoughtful or considerate, but because the pattern was wrong for you. That right there indicates that your attraction to specific patterns means something. Let’s see what these popular patterns are associated with when it comes to personality traits and preferences. 


    Stripes tend to indicate a personality that dwells in blacks and whites with little or no gray areas. You’re decisive and balance your life well and don’t like to mix business with pleasure. 

    Polka Dots

    You’re fun-loving and enjoy doing exciting things. The world is your playground, and you love playing in it. You’re likely very friendly and highly positive. 


    If you’re into paisley, then you’re likely a vintage dresser, an old soul who enjoys the simple things and might be drawn to experiences and styles that are highly nostalgic. 


    Traditional and with a sense of longing for a different time, wearing toile makes you more of a homemaker than any other pattern. You’re a domestic goddess, essentially. 


    Being drawn to chevron patterns indicates a person who has big dreams and goals. You’re well-respected and a high achiever. 


    If you’re attracted to gingham, you’re a trendsetter. You influence many people and are a natural-born leader. You’ve got lots of ideas, so let them loose!


    Tartan prints speak to a sense of classic and chic styles. You likely really enjoy education, and there’s also a chance you want this pattern as a symbol of connection to ancestry or history. 


    Plaid patterns speak to being an icon among your friends or social groups. You enjoy the color grey, which means you like chillier weather like fall or winter. You also don’t mind change. 

    Animal Print

    If you’re into animal print patterns, you’ve got lots of personality and plenty of sass. You’ve got a dominant personality and enjoy being in the spotlight. 


    Floral prints speak to having a romantic soul. Your style is likely more feminine, and you’re a bit of a dreamer--seeing the good in others everywhere you go. 

    Patterned Designer Throw Blankets for Your Home

    Not only does understanding the pattern personality breakdown enable you to provide the perfect gifts, but it can also enlighten you about your stylistic preferences in your own home. You can now decorate your house to match your personality based on the patterns you’re drawn to. 

    Sew Sweet Minky Creations offers a great many patterned designer throw blankets for your home or for gifts. Browse our selection and find the right minky blanket to match your personality and your home decor. 

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