All You Need to Know About Baby Security Blankets

All You Need to Know About Baby Security Blankets

A baby security blanket played an important part in many people's childhood. Whether they called it a blankie, woobie, or some other nickname, their blanket made them feel comforted and safe. That simple, soft blanket felt like a member of the family—a cuddly friend they couldn’t live without. 

Security blankets hold a special place in Western culture. The sight of a chubby-cheeked baby snuggling a blanket brings a smile to the eyes of jaded and cynical people. When an adorable baby coos, you feel nostalgia for the days when a soft piece of fabric could cure problems. You may not remember your blanket, but you likely remember how it made you feel: safe, loved, and cherished. 

What Is a Security Blanket?

A security blanket is a soft, snuggly blanket that a baby, toddler, or child uses to make them feel safe and emotionally supported.

Security blankets provide physical comfort because they keep your baby warm and swaddled, but they can also provide emotional comfort as well. Security blankets offer emotional support for little ones in much the same way a pacifier, doll, or stuffed animal does. A child can use a blanket to self-soothe by stroking it, playing with it, or pressing their cheek against it.

Security blankets are effective at night, during daytime naps, and while on outings. Some parents worry their children might become too attached to a blanket, but most children will outgrow their blanket when they are ready. 

Security Blanket Psychology

Between six and seven months of age, infants begin to recognize they are separate beings from their parents. This can result in separation anxiety. During this phase, babies will often cry when their parent or caregiver leaves the room. This is a perfectly natural stage in the infants’ development.  

Unfortunately, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it isn’t upsetting for parents to experience. Watching your baby burst into tears every time you pick up your coat or head to the door can be heart-wrenching. No one wants to see their baby in distress. 

A baby security blanket can help with this phase. It works as a comforting emotional “stand in” for those periods when you need to leave your baby with another caregiver or family member. But even if you are with your baby 24/7, a baby security blanket can add an extra layer of comfort during stressful transitional phases, like when your child begins to teeth, transitions to a new bed, or switches from a bottle to a sippy cup. 

Researchers have tried to determine whether babies with less secure connections to their parents are more likely to need a security blanket. They have found no such link. They have, however, found that if a parent had a security blanket as a child, they are more likely to use one with their own baby.

How To Use a Security Blanket

The best way to help your child through separation anxiety is to be prepared for it. Begin including the security blanket in family activities when your baby is around three months of age. However, keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against placing any items, including baby blankets, in the baby’s crib or bassinet until the baby is 12 months old.

Until then, use the blanket to comfort your child during non-sleep times. Wrap your child in it, include it in playtime, and take it with you while running errands together or playing in the park. Over time, your child will start to associate the smell and feel of the blanket with love and comfort.

You can also wrap the blanket around your baby when passed from person to person. This may help your infant feel less wary of strangers, which can be important during the “stranger danger” phase of development, which typically occurs around the eight or nine-month mark. 

Do not use the blanket when the baby is hungry, afraid, or uncomfortable, because you want the blanket associated only with happy moments. 

To assist in the bonding process, try assigning the blanket a name. This can help your child feel more connected to the blanket, as they would a family pet or cherished doll. 

How to Choose the Best Security Blanket

As your child ages, you may find that their baby security blanket is in demand during specific times, such as at bedtime, during car trips, and at nursery or preschool.

When choosing a security blanket for your child, you must consider how, when, and where your child will use it. 

Make sure you choose a blanket that is:

  • Made from high-quality, organic cotton. This is the best fabric for soft blankets because it is free from any pesticides that may harm brand-new noses and lungs.
  • Free of harsh chemicals, dyes, or other products harmful for babies and children. Instead, choose blankets made from safe, water-based materials.
  • Made from fabric that hasn’t been coated with a wrinkle or stain guard
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Easy to wash and care for so that it lasts as long as your baby needs it
  • Replaceable. Blankets can get torn or misplaced. The last thing you want to do is spend hours frantically searching for a missing blankie while your toddler screams, inconsolable. Make sure the blanket you buy isn’t so unique that you can’t easily replace it. In fact, be proactive and purchase a replacement ahead of time, just in case. 
  • Just the right size. You want a blanket that’s not too big and not too small. You’ll want one small enough to fit into your diaper bag and stroller, but one that’s big enough to keep your toddler warm during car or airplane rides.  

Beautiful Security Blankets for Baby 

Whichever blanket you choose, make sure it’s soft, hypoallergenic, and feels good against your child’s skin. You’ll also want to select a material that’s made with high-quality materials, ensuring it lasts longer. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t bond with the blanket right away. The more your baby uses it, the more it will feel like home. 

We offer a wide variety of safe and beautiful baby security blankets. Our blankets are made from the softest, most huggable materials, designed to give children all the comfort and security they need.

Explore our complete inventory of colorful, unique blankets. We have a wide selection of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, such as baby pinks and blues. Shop today to learn more. 

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