12 Ways to Organize Blankets

12 Ways to Organize Blankets

There is a reason that a big, thick, heavy blanket on your bed is called a comforter. Blankets of all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and designs are universally comforting. Most of us have them in every room for any occasion. We need a storage plan. There are many creative ways to organize blankets.

Organizing Frequently Used Blankets

You will likely want to store and display blankets currently being used in an accessible way. Here are some easy ideas on how to organize blankets that you use daily.

1. Blanket Baskets

The beauty of baskets is that they, like your blankets, come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, making it easy for them to fit any decor. You can put baskets on the floor by the couch, between recliners, or in the corner of the room.

In addition to their versatility in style, they also require little to no folding of the blankets, so it’s a lot easier to keep the room tidy. Just toss that fluffy goodness in the basket until next time!

2. Storage Ottoman

Move over plain ol’ footstool—the storage ottoman is here! Fulfilling both the comfortable desire to put your feet up while also being one of the great ways to organize blankets, storage ottomans fit the bill. They mirror the use of baskets in that they come in multiple styles, colors, fabrics, and materials and eliminate the need to fold those blankets.

3. Blanket Ladders

If there is a common theme in how to organize blankets, it is versatility. There are many ways to display blankets and umpteen options within each way.

Blanket ladders are ideal for storing and displaying blankets, particularly if you are limited in floor space and have to move up and not out. Ladders also keep blankets off of floor level, which can be helpful if you have pets that tend to leave their fur all over the house.

Storing your blankets on ladders can become a piece of art and add depth and color to any room. You’ve thought carefully about the blankets you’ve chosen for your home, so you want to display them well.

4. Existing Furniture

The backs and arms of couches and chairs can be wonderful places to store your daily-use blankets, as long as they are neatly folded or draped. Like with the blanket ladders, keeping your blankets out in the open can add a pop of color or enhance the room’s established theme.

5. Entertainment Center

For blankets that you want within easy reach when you need a little extra warmth or have company, use an entertainment center that has storage cabinets. For more protection, store them in a breathable plastic bag.

6. Quilt Rack

You can use a wall-mounted or free-standing quilt rack to store and display your blankets. You can hang just one special quilt or get one with multiple bars to accommodate more of your fluffy treasures. You can also choose varieties with shelf space for knickknacks and picture frames.

7. Bookshelf Turned Blanket Shelf

A simple bookshelf can store all the comforts for a cozy night in. Use it to store blankets, extra slippers for guests, extra pillows, or even napkins for snacks and coasters for drinks.

Storing Blankets Out of Sight

When the weather changes, so do the blankets. As spring turns to summer, the heavy quilts and down comforters will probably need to go into storage in exchange for lighter but just as soft alternatives. In this case, you not only need to think about how to organize blankets but also the best way to store blankets in closets and other enclosed areas.

8. Over-the-Door Blanket Ladders

We told you they are versatile! When storing blankets not in use, use over-the-door storage pieces like blanket ladders for your smaller blankets. You can also inexpensively DIY your own door organizer to accommodate blankets as needed!

9. Storage Bench

Bigger than your ottoman, a storage bench is a great accessory for a bedroom to help you change clothes and put on shoes, and you can store your bigger comforters and quilts inside.

10. Hope Chest

Technically a “hope chest” is one being filled with dowry treasures by an unmarried woman, but it’s just such a nice name instead of “storage chest.” But ultimately, that’s what it is. Shop for a charming antique or a mid-century modern piece, or find something decorative or fun that trips your trigger. 

11. Blanket Storage Bags

You may be tempted to store your lovely blankets in any old plastic bag, but this is not a good idea. Storage bags made specifically for blankets have breathable fabric to prevent moisture build-up and keep them from getting mildewy or moldy.

Good blanket bags will have small clear windows so you can easily see which bag holds which blanket. Blanket bags can be stored in closets or, to use otherwise wasted space, store them under your bed.

12. Classic Closet Storage

Of course, there is always the tried-and-true closet storage. You can arrange them nicely on the shelves because they will get good air circulation that way, but you KNOW they will not stay in neat stacks. The first time someone looks through them, they will be a jumbled mess.

You can use blanket storage bags and baskets in your closet to keep your blankets looking neat. Try to use baskets that are see-through for easy viewing.

Keep It Fresh

Blankets stored out of sight are often in dark, closed-up places, so one of the biggest concerns is keeping them from getting musty and malodorous. Forget about using mothballs. They can be toxic to people and pets, but they also do NOT smell good.

Use odor-absorbing gels and balls and powders to keep moisture from building up in your blanket-storage areas. You can buy or make sachets with lovely scents like lavender, which also repels moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitos.

If you pull a blanket out of storage and it smells a little funky, wash it with a cup of vinegar added to your wash load. Not only does vinegar help maintain the softness of your blanket and remove detergent residue, but it is also an odor reducer. You may smell a hint of vinegar when you take the blanket out, but that goes away quickly.

Perhaps the best way to freshen up stored-away blankets is to give them about 30-60 minutes in the fresh air and sunshine. Sunshine can kill bacteria and dust mites, and there is nothing like the smell of clothesline laundry. Make sure you flip the blanket, so both sides are exposed to the sun.

Shop for More!

Now that you have all of these great ways to store and display your blankets, you are probably ready to shop for more. Check out Sew Sweet Minky Designs for an incredible array of super soft minky blankets, and check out our blog to learn about more ways to care for your blankets and how Sew Sweet is making a difference. We care about you because you care about others!

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