How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

Doing load after load of darks, colors, delicates, towels, and sheets means going through multiple boxes of detergent—even more so if you have a big family. While laundry detergent isn’t costly upfront, it can add up over time. To help save money, many people make homemade detergent because the materials needed are less expensive. Not to mention, you can avoid all the fillers found in store-bought detergents.

To help you out, we’ve provided the steps on how to make your own laundry detergent and how homemade recipes compare to store-bought detergent. You’ll also see how using homemade detergent on minky blankets is safer than brand-name detergents. 


  • Box grater
  • Pure or castile bar soap or soap flakes
  • Borax
  • Washing soda
  • Rubber gloves
  • Measuring cup
  • Air-tight container


Step One: Grate the Soap

Using your grater, grate one bar of soap into small flakes. Depending on how big of a batch you want to make, you may need two to three bars of soap. If you’re using soap flakes, you can skip this step.

Step Two: Mix

Next, pour 14 ounces of borax, 14 ounces of washing soda, and 4.5-5.5 ounces of soap flakes into an air-tight container. You can always double these ingredients for a bigger batch, but make sure to follow these ingredient portions.

It’s important to note that washing soda can be irritating to the skin, so you may want to wear rubber gloves during this step.

Step Three: How to Use

Once your detergent is made, simply use one tablespoon for a small load of laundry and two to three tablespoons for bigger loads.

Step Four: Store

Make sure to store your detergent in an air-tight container to prevent the detergent from hardening. Place it out of reach from children and animals.


  • If you want a scented detergent, choose a soap that has essential oils mixed in.
  • To add a little extra cleaning power, you can slightly increase the amount of borax you include, but don’t go too much over the ingredient ratios mentioned previously.
  • Detergent that has caked up or turned hard should be discarded as it won’t dissolve in the water and may leave soap residue on your clothes. 

Homemade vs. Store-Bought

Deciding between store-bought and homemade detergent can be a tricky choice. Ultimately, it depends on you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of making your own detergent to help you make a decision.


  • Cheap: Making your own detergent typically costs around $20 and can last much longer than store-bought. Many homemade detergents cost as little as a penny per load. If you’re hoping to save money, homemade is definitely a good choice.

  • Easy to make: Most DIY laundry detergents take less than 20 minutes to make. Just gather your ingredients and mix them together.

  • Eco-friendly: Individuals with more sensitive skin or allergies may benefit from homemade detergent as they don’t contain harsh chemicals or strong perfumes like some store-bought brands.


  • Not as effective on stains: Homemade detergent may not always work on stains—especially tough ones. Store-bought stain removers or stronger detergents are usually more reliable.

  • Ingredients can be hard to find: Finding borax is easy, but washing soda can be harder to track down. If you’re not willing to spend some time searching for ingredients, store-bought is the way to go.

  • Clothes may not be as soft: If you’re someone who loves wearing soft clothes, store-bought detergent just can’t be beat. 

    Why Homemade Detergent is Best for Minky Blankets

    If you’re wondering how to wash a minky blanket without ruining the material, homemade detergent is the answer. Since homemade mixtures don’t contain the harsh chemicals found in most store-bought detergents, they can better preserve the feel of your minky blanket. Plus, detergents that contain dyes, scents, or other additives may cause residue build-up or leave your blanket with a gummy-like feeling.

    The best way to care for your minky blanket is to wash it separately from your other laundry on a cold-delicate cycle with a small scoop of homemade detergent. When it’s done washing, you can either tumble dry with no heat or hang dry.

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