Cool & Unique Minky Blanket Designs for 2022

Cool & Unique Minky Blanket Designs for 2022

What better way to ease into the New Year than with the enveloping luxury of a minky blanket? These unique blankets blend out-of-this-world softness with super cool blanket designs that not only pop with color, but can match personalities and interests. For yourself or as a gift for that special someone (or someones), minky blankets are sure to please.

Wine glass and Bottle Minky Blanket

Time to Un-Wine

A glass of wine, a plate of cheese, and a good book is just what the doctor ordered for a night of relaxation. The Vineyard Plum/Lily Plumwine minky adds soothing color and just the right amount of comfort.

Purple & White Streaked Minky Blanket

Purple Reign

Jupiter Eggplant whirls and twirls in cosmic purples and white as it swirls around you in 30 square feet of the peacefulness of the heavens.

Fuzzy Snow Leopard Pattern Blanket

Change Your Spots

Who says a leopard can’t change its spots? You sure can with this cool blanket design. The Snow Leopard extreme blanket is 114 inches long, so you can wrap it around you any which way! The soft pinks and white background offset your spots nicely, so this is a beautiful room accent piece too.

Sumptuous Sorbet

Reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the texture and nap of this infant blanket will have you asking your little one to share the softness. Sorbet Mardigras is an eddying flow of texture and warmth.

Girl Fairies Blanket

Hey There, Twinkle Toes

Blankets with designs are so fun to match with that just-right someone. Twinkle Toes Bubblegum is perfect for that young lady who is no longer a little girl but not quite a blossoming adult. Its adult snuggler size can cover her from head to toe and still allow room to grow.

Farm Animal Blanket

Farmville Follies

Make every day a day of country livin’ with Funny Farm blanket design. The beige background is adorned with cute and silly animals putting in a hard day’s work. The blanket is backed with a brooklyn textured in cardinal red.

Childlike Charm

Kids love blankets, and adults love holding them in the blankets. The soft plush and soothing textures appeal to the tactile desires of both child and adult. Your child can be pretty in pink swaddled in the Chinchilla Magenta, or bathed in blue with a Glacier Cornflower cocoon, both of which harness the relaxing ripples of Skylar-textured minky fabric.

Blue Cosmic Print with Almond and Midnight accent fabrics

Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue

Cool blanket designs are easy to come by at Sew Sew Minky Designs, and this extreme strip is a prime example. Imagine yourself enveloped in sixty-five square feet of Seal Almond/Bohemian Abalone/Seal Midnight softness. The tactile senses will be amazed and overjoyed.

Hide Banana Yellow Blanket

Banana Blanket for Baby

Got a baby shower coming up but don’t know the gender? The warming yellow of the Hide Banana infant blanket fits the bill. The 30x36 size is perfect for wrapping up baby in a ray of sunshine, and keeping you all warm and cozy.

Start Your Engines

This XL minky snuggler makes an adventurous and unique blanket design. This is a great gift for any car travel enthusiast, or keep it handy in your camper for those chilly evenings. Its large size makes it perfect for camping, lake trips, the beach, and all stops in between.

Stay Golden Ponyboy

Add a wisp of the west with this Rusty Pony minky. Great for kids and adults, and looks great in a rec room or TV area.

Blue Butterfly On Purple and Pink Blanket

Butterfly Bliss

Flutter your fancy with these winsome and whimsical batik butterflies on flutter pansy and hide pansy fabric. Bliss Batik Flutter Pansy is a story of joy and comfort in pinks and purples.

Blue and Wavy Textured Blanket

Flowery Favorites

The ridged and wavy texture of the skylar fabric gives the Paloma Iris a soft flowery flow. Pale purple and delicate white lend a light and airy vibe to this marvelous minky that any child will cherish for years and years.

Purple Blanket With Multicolor Sparkles

Add a Little Sparkle

The gorgeous purple hues are amped up by the Sparkle Glitter Bellflower fabric, adding glitz and glamour to your bed, couch, or favorite chair. The marbling of the amethyst backing and border adds a pleasing texture.

Size ‘Em Up

Blankets with designs can make someone’s day, but Sew Sweet Minky Designs doesn’t stop there. We have a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for each person from the small to the tall, or a combination of them all:

  • Infant - 30x36
  • Child - 36x60
  • Adult Snuggler - 55x65
  • XL Snuggler - 55x80
  • Adult Embrace - 60x72
  • XL Embrace - 60x82
  • Extreme Strips - 82x114

Chill Out and Warm Up with Minky

Looking for unique blankets with cool blanket designs? Visit Sew Sweet Minky Designs to find a blanket that matches your, or anyone’s, personality.

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