Blanket Gifts for New Homeowners

Blanket Gifts for New Homeowners

Someone in your circle has moved to a new home, and you want to give them a gift. Hmmm . . . What should you get them? You don’t have to stress trying to figure it out—the answer is right at your fingertips! Blanket gifts are perfect because they are one of the things every homeowner should own—and lots of them, too. And the selection is nearly endless!

Make It a Minky

Without a doubt, one of the softest, most cuddly, extraordinary gifts for new homeowners is a minky blanket. Or better yet, make that minky blankets. The extensive selection of sizes, colors, patterns, and prints can help you find a good fit for any room.

Infant Blankets

If the big move involves a baby in a new crib, a minky infant blanket is a great gift to help soothe them through the transition. But, these blankets are not just for little ones. At 30 x 36 inches, infant blankets are also perfect for laps. Add some color to any space with our Oxford Sun blanket, or create a cozy spot with a Weave Merlot lap-size blanket in your reading nook.

Child Blankets

Kids and adults alike love the super plush texture of minky blankets, so the child blankets work great on a little one’s twin bed or as an outstanding home office throw. The Iced Chinchilla Chambray can keep a work-from-home mom cozy while her princess snuggles in a Dynasty Amethyst cloud of contentment.

Adult Blankets

Our adult blankets come in a variety of sizes that will easily accommodate any need.

Adult Snuggler (55 x 65 inches)

Just as infant blankets are not only for tiny tots, adult blankets are not just for grown-ups. An adult snuggler in Denali Scarlet will be great for your animal lover, or order up some sun and surf with Beach Gnomes Aruba.

XL Snuggler (55 x 80 inches)

The XL Snugglers add another 15 inches of length to help cover up those tootsies. The Bliss Batik Evergreen is a beautifying gem in any room. The Camouflage Green/Marble Evergreen can help your hunting buddies warm up after a day in the woods.

OMG Nicole (60 x 72 inches) and OMG Casey (60 x 82 inches)

They will want to dive into the Lapin Merlot/Snow with our large OMG Nicole blankets. They really are just too luscious! Need another 10 inches of scintillating softness? Bump up your blanket-giving game, and thrill them with a Snow Leopard Ivory in the OMG Casey blanket.

Minky Extreme Blankets

You know the phrase, “Go big or go home.” Well, in this case, you can say, “Go big in your new home!” Sew Sweet Minky Extreme Strips are 82 x 114 inches of velvety warmth and decadent luxury. Swaddle yourself from head to toe, or wrap the whole family up for a movie night. Extreme blankets are also great for queen- and king-size beds.

Why Minky?

When you are searching for outstanding gifts for new homeowners, you can’t go wrong with a minky blanket. They are so incredibly super soft and warm. The luxurious fabric is actually quite easy to care for with simple washing and drying. With appropriate care, minky blankets can last for years and years.

Their patterns and designs are second-to-none and can add pops of color or sparkles of texture to any room. It is sincerely one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get any homeowner. 

Emergency Blankets

Storms will pass, and the sun will shine again, but when the chips are down and the power is out, it is nice knowing that warmth and safety are on hand. The NASA-designed “space blankets” may make you look like a baked potato, but they will keep you warm and dry when you need it. An Emergency Preparedness Kit that includes a rescue blanket is one of the things every homeowner should own.

A green minky blanket used as a decoration on a couch

Blankets as Decor

While waiting for their warmth-giving mission, room essentials blankets can act as an accent and an accessory. Some easy ways to add splashes of color and gratifying textures include:

  • Displaying blankets on a blanket ladder
  • Casually draping a blanket over the arm of a puffy chair or back of a sofa
  • Folding blankets into geometrical patterns
  • Tucking blankets into an open-sided blanket basket
  • Stacking in a whimsical haphazard way, or stacking by color, like in a rainbow

Blanket Them with Love

Ready to shop for the perfect room essentials blanket and choose the blanket gifts for your loved ones? Browse our wide variety of Sew Sweet Minky Designs, and give the gift of softness and smiles to new homeowners. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you!

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