Blanket Gift Ideas for Church Baptisms

Blanket Gift Ideas for Church Baptisms

Depending on your religion or the age at which you join a church, you may have a baby, child, or adult baptism. Unless otherwise specified, it’s customary among many circles to give gifts to the one celebrating this special day. If everyone who gets baptized is unique and not even the same age, how do you choose an age-appropriate gift and relevant to the occasion? Check out the ideas below for Mormon baptism gifts for girls and boys, infant baptism gifts, and more.

Infant Baptism Gifts

If the honoree is getting baptized as a baby, choosing a gift is pretty simple. Consider selecting something the baby can use now or creating something sentimental. Giving a blanket as a gift is a great way to do both. Here are some excellent baptism gift ideas:

  • Super-soft minky blanket
  • Monogrammed blanket
  • Stuffed animal
  • Clothing
  • Memory book
  • Savings bond
  • Art for the nursery

Child Baptism Gifts

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, children are baptized when they turn eight years old, which is considered the age of accountability. By this age, children are old enough to understand that this day is unique, and they may have some say in the guest list or after-party. They may even tell you exactly what gift they had in mind. Fortunately, finding Mormon baptism gifts for girls and boys is easy. However, finding the perfect gift requires a little bit of thought.

Keep the child’s interests and personality in mind when choosing a gift, and remember not to give it to them until after the ceremony. This way, your exciting present won’t distract from the purpose of the event. Following are some gift suggestions:

  • CTR (Choose the Right) ring, necklace, stickers, etc
  • Monogrammed scriptures
  • Personalized minky blanket
  • Photo album
  • Compiled letters from friends and family
  • Colored pencils for marking scriptures
  • Necktie, tie clip or lapel pin
  • Journal
  • Bag for carrying scriptures and pencils to church

Adult Baptism Gifts

If you’re attending the baptism of an adult, it’s easy to come up with simple ideas, like gift cards to the movies or their favorite restaurant. These are great choices and will be appreciated. However, they’re not very memorable. This is an occasion where a little extra effort in choosing a gift goes a long way. Remember, this event may represent a shift in their current lifestyle, and the day should maintain a feeling of reverence. You may consider the following gifts:

  • A book with a personal note written inside the cover
  • Jewelry
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Framed art (such as a picture of Jesus Christ)
  • Adult size minky blanket
  • Personalized scriptures
  • Family photos
  • Necktie, tie clip or lapel pin
  • Journal 
  • Personalized mug or water bottle

Why Is a Throw Blanket a Good Gift for Baptisms?

It seems so simple and yet so brilliant. Why is a throw blanket a good gift for so many occasions? Because everyone loves the feeling of peace and comfort, they get when they wrap up in a soft and cozy blanket. When it comes to baptisms, specifically, you can point out that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from your favorite blanket is similar to the feelings you have when you pray or receive guidance from your Father in heaven. Plus, many blankets are easily customized to include names, initials, or other special designs.

Why Is Silver Often a Baptism Gift?

In religions where it’s common to have Godparents, there are particular traditions when it comes to baptism gifts. Godparents will often give gifts made of silver, such as a spoon, a cross, or jewelry with the child’s name on it.

Sew Sweet Minky Designs

Sew Sweet Minky Designs is located in Utah, where it’s not uncommon to receive baptism invitations frequently. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need for baptism gifts, including Mormon baptism gifts for girls, boys, babies, and adults. We can help you customize your blanket to suit different tastes and personalities. We even have extra-large blankets suitable for tall men and women.

Check out our soft and luxurious minky blankets in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, and find the perfect baptism gift for all your loved ones today.

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