25 Christmas Activities to Add to Your Holiday Bucket List

25 Christmas Activities to Add to Your Holiday Bucket List

The holiday season can become extremely overwhelming and focused on shopping and gift-giving, with many individuals finding the next best deal. While this time of year can be hectic, the holidays are also a time of magnificence, being many people’s favorite time of year. We wanted to highlight the importance of making memories and having fun this holiday season. Sew Sweet put together a list of fun Christmas activities to help bring more cheer and joy this holiday season.

This year has been difficult to navigate, having enforced quarantines and social distancing, providing complications for many holiday plans. While this list covers broad topics, Sew Sweet wants to encourage families to stay safe while getting into the holiday spirit this year, adjusting where necessary to improve the holiday fun, all while enjoying their own Christmas activities!

1. Make or Buy Ugly Christmas Sweater(s)

This is a staple among many households during the holiday season. There are many opportunities for you and your loved ones to customize, buy, and create your own ugly Christmas sweaters. There are no wrong answers when it comes to making things ugly, find your inspiration, and have fun finding your own unique, ugly style!

2. Sing Christmas Karaoke

You cannot go wrong with Christmas music and increasing the holiday spirit. Christmas karaoke provides the opportunity to build the perfect Christmas music playlist, and then have fun with family and friends as you belt out some serious tunes. The possibilities are endless with karaoke, find new ways to dance, sing, and enjoy your company as you all sing your hearts out!

3. Make a Gingerbread House (From Scratch)

Making a gingerbread house allows everyone to tune into their creative side, channeling their inner designer, creating a decadent masterpiece. For an even greater challenge, avoid buying a kit and make a house completely from scratch. Make a blueprint, pull out the ruler, and piece together the gingerbread mansion of your dreams!

4. Design a Christmas Card

While broad in scope, designing your own Christmas card is completely up to you. Feeling fancy? Wanting something unique to you? Trying to get rid of that pile of newspaper? There is no correct way to make a Christmas card, especially when you create it yourself. Find your inspiration this holiday season and create a Christmas card that you can cherish.

5. Create Your Own Christmas Wreath

Ever heard of your personal brand? What would that look like as a Christmas wreath? A wreath is a great way to add to your Christmas and holiday decor, especially when it is a strong representation of you and/or your family. Brainstorm some ideas with family/friends and get creative with your design.

6. Get Crafty this Christmas

If you’re like us, you probably have a tentative list of craft ideas that you have yet to complete. Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty with your friends and family! Is there a decor item you are lacking? How about something you’ve always wanted to try? There are so many different crafts you could do, but it’s important to find your inspiration and enjoy whatever you create!

7. Have an Elf on the Shelf

Of course, this is another opportunity to highlight your creative side with the family. Elf on the Shelf continues to be a popular tradition in many households. With their interactive website, Elf on the Shelf provides Christmas activities for kids, along with various resources for parents. There is a lot to explore and have fun with Elf on the Shelf.

8. Participate in a Cookie Swap

While the pandemic puts limitations on this activity, there are still ways to safely participate in a cookie swap. You can get your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you want to be involved in this tasty activity. Have everyone make their favorite homemade holiday cookies, and then swap them around! You can leave them on their porch or by their front door, just make sure to appropriately socially distance!

9. Do a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The possibilities are endless with a Christmas scavenger hunt. This is an exciting way to make new memories with your family as you find challenges and tasks that members must complete. You can adjust and create your personalized scavenger hunt to fit the needs and interests of your family, just make sure you have fun!

10. Make a Christmas Tree on the Wall

While having your own decorated tree is a traditional staple in most households, take it one step further to add some festivity to a different area of your home. Making a “tree” out of any material on your wall can bring in more holiday cheer. Use Christmas cards, tape, string, ornaments, or whatever other items you deem appropriate. This is a chance to think outside the box.

11. Create Holiday Competitions

With the right mindset, almost anything can be turned into a competition, so why not have some fun with a holiday one? See who can wrap presents the fastest, rap their favorite Christmas song, chug eggnog quickly, create the best light display, etc. You can set up your competitions, with endless possibilities. Award points and prizes, take pictures, and just enjoy the moment!

12. Start a New Tradition

Many families already have traditions in place, but starting a new one provides a way to include new people if your family/friend group has expanded, or if you just want to expand your list of current traditions. Think of something meaningful and personal for a tradition, getting everyone involved. You can start a holiday item collection, do an activity, or whatever else you see fitting.

13. Give Back to Your Community

The holidays are a great way to serve others, and it provides great teaching opportunities for your kids. Many non-profit organizations and other institutions have programs in place for families to help during the holidays. Find something that suits your interests and what you are passionate about, and make sure you think of others this season!

14. Make a Personalized Stocking

In addition to designing your own Christmas decor, be sure to add a stocking to the list! This allows each family member to highlight their personality and make this project their own. Once everyone has their stocking designed and made, hanging them up by the fireplace to represent your family adds to the holiday festivities.

15. Bake Something New 

We all have something that we know how to bake and are comfortable with in the kitchen. The holidays provide a great reason to try something new and make memories with friends and family! It becomes a win-win when you bake something you’ve never tried before. You either make something delicious or have something to laugh about if it doesn’t go as planned.

16. Show Your Gratitude This Season

Thinking of others and showing your appreciation is something that helps build relationships and memories, with the holidays being a prime time to do it! You can do something as simple as writing a letter, giving a little gift, or spending time with someone you haven’t seen in a while. You can drop off a greeting card to your neighbor, give your coworker a memento, or find another way to thank someone.

17. Have a Holiday Dance Party

Like karaoke, a holiday dance party is a fun and hilarious way to get your family up and moving during this holiday season. This is a good opportunity to do something unique during the pandemic while staying inside. There are no rules when it comes to having a dance party, so get the family involved, turn on some tunes, and dance your little hearts out!

18. Find a Christmas Light Display

Christmas light displays seem to be a growing trend around the country, so finding one should be easy. Going for a drive to see lights gets the family out of the house, talking and laughing, and provides a great way to make memories. You can make a pitstop to get some treats and/or hot cocoa to add a flourish to your family outing.

19. Do a Christmas Game Night

This is another great activity to do during the pandemic while getting the family involved. You can play classic board games your family loves or have a Christmas themed game night. Tailor your game night to your family and get creative with it, just make sure you have plenty of snacks and share a ton of laughs!

20. Binge Christmas Movies

You cannot go through the holiday season without watching a couple of classic Christmas movies. Bring out the snacks, pajamas, and blankets to create your cozy area for binge-watching, and maybe even watch something that you haven’t seen yet!

21. Write Letters to Santa

A wonderful activity leading up to Christmas is getting the kids excited about the magic of Santa and his reindeer. Having your kids write and “mail” letters to Santa builds the anticipation for Christmas, gives you insight into what they might want for Christmas, and becomes a good keepsake and memory piece when they are older.

22. Get Outside Your Decoration Comfort Zone

Challenge yourself to try something new with your holiday decorations. Look into new ways to organize your snow globe set up, or rearrange your nutcrackers as a popular movie scene, etc. Tap into your creativity to find a unique way to decorate and have fun, getting the family involved also provides for greater fun.

23. Throw a Christmas Tree Slumber Party

Gather your family together and have the best sleepover party right next to your Christmas tree, and be careful not to break any ornaments or other fragile items when you have your pillow fight! Have your family decide what slumber party activities they want to do and make it a night of fun for everyone!

24. Make or Buy an Advent Calendar

A great way to get the kids and family excited about Christmas is to count down the days until its arrival. Making or buying your advent calendar at the beginning of the month is a superb way to kick off the Christmas season! This holiday activity list could even be used as an advent calendar itself!

25. Have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

One great way to get people to learn about each other and get into the spirit of Christmas is through a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can get as many people involved as you want and have fun doing it. Have the participants take a questionnaire to give their Secret Santa gift ideas, all while learning more about the other person.

The possibilities are endless this holiday season and Sew Sweet wants you to have an enjoyable and safe Christmas this year. The great thing about this bucket list is that many of the activities could be done while being snuggled in a minky. Browse our collection of adult blankets to find your perfect match, and be sure to visit our blog for more fun and creative lifestyle topics.

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