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    Infant Minky Blankets

    Each of our hand-sewn baby minky blankets is designed to provide just the right amount of comfort to soothe and calm your baby. Our selection features a variety of patterns and colors so you can find the right one for you and your baby.

    Sew Sweet employs over 300 stay-at-home moms and grandmas who know how difficult it can be to find high-quality blankets at an affordable price. These local women hand sew every blanket using a 100-percent polyester fabric that is both beautiful and comfortable. The end result is an infant blanket that is a stunning swaddle and can be used for either sleep or play. The best part? They are sold at an affordable price!

    Our baby minky blankets come in two different sizes: 30 x 36 inches or 27 x 33 inches. Either size can be used to provide your baby with a snug swaddle for bedtime or a comfortable wrap for colder days.

    The Perfect Gift for Moms

    Moms can never have too many swaddles. Our infant minky blankets are the perfect gift for new or expecting moms. With gender-neutral, boy, and girl prints to choose from, you can give a gift that both mom and baby will treasure forever.

    Great for Swaddling and Snuggling

    Our cozy blankets are feather-light but still thick enough to provide a snug swaddle. Plus, the ultra-soft material isn’t just great for baby, but mom too! The comfy material adds even more enjoyment to newborn snuggles. 

    Grab Yours Now!

    Whether you’re expecting a child or already have a few kids, our baby minky blankets are a must-have for any mom. At our incredibly affordable price, you won’t find a better deal on infant blankets anywhere else. Browse our selection of styles and prints and purchase yours today.


    Filter by Sizes

    Filter by Prices