Child Blankets

Sew Sweet Child Minky Blankets

Thanks to their super soft, plush texture, minky blankets are perfect for kids. Minky is an extremely soft variety of fleece and is 100% polyester fabric. Our child minky blankets are popular gifts for any occasion. Kids love the soft, snuggly textures and are sure to enjoy bundling up in one of these comfy blankets. A minky blanket from Sew Sweet Minky Designs is sure to become your child’s favorite! 


If you’re looking for minky blankets for kids, browse our current selection of snuggler and OMG blankets in children’s sizes. Our blankets are handmade locally to ensure that each unique blanket is of high quality. We know that kids can be messy, so all of our blankets are machine washable. Machine wash your blanket with cold water and then hang dry or tumble dry on low. To preserve the texture of the minky fabric, do not use fabric softener.

Snuggler Line

Our snuggler line includes blankets made with a minky print front and a minky luxe back. The minky print front has a smooth texture and comes in many different prints. The minky luxe back provides added comfort with a textured minky fabric. The snuggler blankets are particularly popular minky blankets for kids thanks to the printed front! With a variety of options for printed fronts and luxe backs, you’re sure to find a snuggler blanket to fit your child’s personality. Our child snuggler blankets are approximately 33” x 57” and are priced at $119.

OMG Line

Our OMG line includes our blankets that have minky luxe fabric on both the front and back. These minky blankets for kids are the ultimate comfort item! We have a variety of minky luxe fabrics in many different colors and textures. Our OMG skylar blankets are approximately 36” x 60” and are priced at $119.